QuickTricks: Workaround for the Synchronization Performance View in Operations Manager

During a recent client engagement we found that one of the built-in views for Operations Manager does not appear to work in the out-of-the-box configuration. The “Synchronization Performance View” in the Operations Manager console does not display any performance counters. The screenshot below shows this view which is part of the Data Warehouse folder in the Monitoring pane of the Operations Manager console.

From this blog post (http://itinfrasol.blogspot.com/2013/01/microsoft-system-center-operation.html) we determined that the view is actually targeted at the Data Warehouse Synchronization Server instead of the Data Warehouse Connection Server. The appropriate counters appear to be gathered as part of the Data Warehouse Connection Server object.

Personalization of this view does not provide a way to change what the object is for this view. This is a sealed management pack so it’s also not easy to create another view for the correct object within the folder. The easiest way to work around this from what I’ve seen is the following:

  1. Open Discovered Inventory and Change to target the “Data Warehouse Synchronization Server” target

  1. Right-click on the object and open the performance view for this object.

The result is a quick way to see the performance counters which would have been available within the Synchronization Performance view.

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