Q&A: Online Session: Get more out of SCOM with Live Maps v8

Q&A: Online Session: Get more out of SCOM with Live Maps v8

Any recommendations on hardware configuration for Servers hosting Live Maps?

If you are going to do Windows Authentication, we usually recommend putting it on in any management server. It gets rid of the double hop issue you have with SCOM. It’s really simple, it just needs IIS 7 or higher. The hardware for the portal itself is really basic, as long as it meets the specs of Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2; however, it still works on Windows 2008.

Does Live Maps make Queries directly to SQL DB’s or does it use SCOM SDK?

­It actually uses both. The app user will do a query to the SCOM SDK to get ‘Manage Entity Information’; after that, we grab most data from the database. We make direct queries to that database, so we will need read-access into your DBs to pull information.

Is Vital Signs integrated into the portal? ­

No, it is not integrated, and it will not be integrated in the future.

If you already have some DAs created, do these need to be deleted to allow Live Maps to create a new DA or can you use an existing DA?­

We can use existing DAs within our Authoring Console. We won’t ask you to reinvent the wheel, as you have already done the work for those DAs. There is an ‘Import Distributed Applications wizard’ that you can actually go through. It will allow you to create a DA based on existing DAs. It’s a pretty simple process and if the wizard is not sure where an object goes, it will ask you whether you want to import it as an ‘end user, ‘infrastructure’ or ‘application’. We use a simple logic; for example, if it’s a website you are importing, it probably needs to go under the ‘application’ view. If it’s a server, we will put it in the ‘infrastructure’ view.

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