Winners We’re seriously impressed by many of the solutions intermingled amongst the discussions here. You’re a talented bunch, but that’s not the important thing really. You’ve literally shared thousands of answers with the community since the site went live last year. People take these ideas and they build on them. Frequently you may never hear about it, but I do. We’ve heard Stefan, Oskar, Andreas and a few others mentioned by name by customers, MVPs and folks at Microsoft…

Sorry for the delay in posting….minor mix up in who was to post the results… 🙁 .

The Winners

We chose cash as the prize to avoid any tangles with customs. Without further delay, the winners (chosen by random drawing) are:

1. Oskar Landman – $125 Visa Gift Card

2. Andreas Zuckerhut – $75 Visa Gift Card

3. Tommy Gunn – $50 Gift Card

However, Tommy already said if his name was drawn he wanted someone else to have the prize. So we drew another name from the hat and came up with Cameron Fuller.

3. Tommy Gunn – $50 Gift Card

3. Cameron Fuller – $50 Gift Card

We’ll be in touch with winners for their mailing addresses so we can get prizes in the mail asap.

Special Thanks

Thanks to everyone who participates here in the community as well as to Gold Sponsor Quest Software for sponsoring the POST OF THE WEEK program! Post of the Week round 2 begins next week!


  1. Pete Zerger

    You guys are all pretty awesome. I definitely owe everyone some drinks next time we meet….New Orleans, Berlin, Vegas, Redmond or where ever….I have a current passport and hope to log some time in Europe after TechEd Euope Berlin. Maybe I’ll get soem quality time with Tenchuu playing whatever first-person shooter he’s working on…. 😉

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