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Management PacksCategoryDate
Savision – SCOM SLA Reporting Management Pack02/22/2018
Integrate SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor into OpsMgr09/12/2017
Monitor F5 BIGIP with OpsMgr08/17/2017
Integrate Oracle DBs into OpsMgr through Foglight07/25/2017
OpsMgr Self Maintenance Management Pack V.
Updated MP Author’s System Center 2012 Orchestrator Management Pack09/14/2015
Squared Up Console Task08/31/2015
OpsMgr Group Health Rollup Configuration Task Management Pack07/28/2015
NetBotz Management Pack07/21/2015
PKI Certificate Verification Management Pack for SCOM 2012, 2016, 201906/22/2015
Blog Samples-WebApplication-Consecutive Samples Demo05/05/2015
OpsMgr Health State Synchronization Library04/19/2015
BlackBerry BES 12 Management Pack for SCOM 2012 R204/17/2015
Demo – Pool Owner22579303/31/2015
Flexible Volume Logical Disk MP03/19/2015
Updated Management Pack for Windows Server Logical Disk Auto Defragmentation02/17/2015
Microsoft IT – Service Bus for Windows Server Management Pack02/16/2015
Microsoft IT – Azure Service Bus Management Pack02/16/2015
VMM 2012 Addendum Management Pack: Detect Failed VMM Jobs11/28/2014
Service Manager Hyper-V views for the Veeam V7 management pack10/27/2014
SMAX 2.0 the exchange calendar integration management pack for SCSM2012.10/07/2014
ConfigMgr 2012 (R2) Client MP V.
ConfigMgr 2012 (R2) Client Management Pack v1.1.0.009/19/2014
ReSearch This – Dashboard Edition09/04/2014
SMTI – Service Manager Telephony Integration08/19/2014
Microsoft Network Policy Server (NPS)07/09/2014
OpsMgr 2012 Self Maintenance Management Pack
SCOM Dashboard: What Rules and Monitors are Running on your Server06/13/2014
Updated OpsMgr 2012 Alert Update Connector Management Pack22096705/31/2014
Management Pack for the SCOM 2012 Maintenance Mode Scheduler22075205/22/2014
VMware Windows Guest Management Pack04/03/2014
Windows Activation License Check03/21/2014
ConfigMgr 2012 (R2) Client Management Pack03/18/2014
Automated defragmentation management pack10/24/2013
Sample Hyper-V capacity dashboards09/27/2013
Sample APC management pack08/26/2013
SMB Shares Connections Detection Management Pack08/22/2013
Removable Media Security07/30/2013
Active Directory Group Populator Management Pack21461007/24/2013
Dashboard pack for the OpsLogix Ping Pack06/24/2013
WSUS 3.0 management pack extension06/14/2013
DPM 2010 Datasource Status Report MP04/28/2013
DPM PowerShell Cookdown Sample MP for OpsMgr04/28/2013
SCOM check for Updated Management Packs04/26/2013
Orchestrator Management Pack to autorestart services03/20/2013
Global Service Monitoring – Debug management pack02/12/2013
SharePoint 2010 Dashboard Views for OpsMgr 201202/08/2013
Exchange 2010 Dashboard Views for OpsMgr 2012 11020802/08/2013
Virtual Machine Manager Diagram Overrides MP02/04/2013
Orchestrator Variables Integration Pack on Codeplex01/03/2013
Active Directory 2008 Health Dashboard View for OpsMgr 201212/18/2012
Recovery Action Example MP10/31/2012
Management pack to auto-restart the vmms and SCVMMAgent services10/27/2012
Operations Manager 2007 R2 Dashboard pack for OpsMgr 201210/08/2012
Backup Unsealed Management Packs (OpsMgr 2012 Edition)09/20/2012
Sample Agent Maintenance Mode 2012 MP08/03/2012
Logical Disk Free Space Addendum MP (for Windows 2003/2008)08/01/2012
Virtual Machine Manager Dashboards from the OpsMgr Unleashed team07/28/2012
SharePoint Management Pack for SCOM 201207/10/2012
Security for Removable Media Manager (secRMM) Management Pack for OpsMgr05/03/2012
Microsoft Network Policy Server (NPS)04/21/2012
HP MSA2000 Monitoring Management Pack.03/19/2012
Monitor for a Mapped Drive of Current Logged in User12/28/2011
Security for Removable Media (secRMM) Management Pack for OpsMgr9079412/23/2011
Data Loss Prevention Management Pack for SCOM12/23/2011
Dynamic Memory MP11/19/2011
Maintenance Mode Notification10/22/2011
Opalis Sample Policies: User and Virtual Machine Provisioning08/30/2011
HP EVA Performance Management Pack v306/09/2011
System Center Configuration Manager Integration Pack Extention05/18/2011
Opalis Integration Server 6.3 Management Pack for SCOM R203/12/2011
Security for Removable Media Management Pack for OpsMgr03/11/2011
Green Machine Management Pack09/20/2010
IBM DB2 Management Pack08/03/2010
Wake-on-LAN Sample Mgmt Pack for Essentials 201007/06/2010
Scheduled Resolution Update Management Pack06/29/2010
Maintenance Mode History Report Management pack06/28/2010
HP EVA Management Pack V206/28/2010
System Up Time Monitoring06/23/2010
SCC Health Check Management Pack Version 206/22/2010
Event Rules with Flooding Prevention06/07/2010
SQL Server DB Mirroring Management Pack6823706/04/2010
Logical Disk Extension Management Pack6421604/15/2010
SQL Admin Extensions Sample Management Pack for OpsMgr 2007 and Essentials 201004/13/2010
Free VMware ESX Monitoring (via vCenter / vSphere) from Quest03/05/2010
Free Cisco Catalyst 2950 Series Switch Management Pack from JAXMP02/22/2010
NetApp Management Pack for SCOM 2007 R201/27/2010
xSNMP Management Packs – Beta Version 1.0.8 Release01/26/2010
OpsMgr Script Failure Troubleshooting MP11/25/2009
Coffee Management Pack10/22/2009
Dynamic Distributed Application Model Sample MP10/14/2009
Powershell Task in R2 Console Sample MP10/13/2009
Advanced Cisco Monitoring MP09/18/2009
Agent Availability (Grays not in MM)08/11/2009
Script Cook Down Sample MP07/30/2009
Windows Activation License Check07/17/2009
HP EVA Performance07/03/2009
Read SQL Table Sample MP06/18/2009
Windows Media Services (Server 2003 and 2008)06/08/2009
Missing Updates MP for Essentials 2007 (SCE)05/25/2009
Security MP05/15/2009
File System Management Pack05/13/2009
File System Management Pack05/10/2009
Windows Media Services 2008 Custom MP04/29/2009
Operations Manager 2007 Free Disk Space Monitor – Custom MP04/28/2009
Virtual Machine Discovery MP for Operations Manager 200704/28/2009
Store Application Sample Managment Pack04/28/2009
SNMP Extensions Library (Discovery Provider)04/27/2009
SNMP Custom Extensions Library04/23/2009
SMTP Check MP04/23/2009
SMB File Share Performance04/23/2009
Security Top Alerts MP04/23/2009
Scheduled Tasks MP(2)04/23/2009
Scheduled Tasks MP1157904/23/2009
Remote Maintenance Mode MP04/23/2009
ReSearch This! MP04/23/2009
PSTasks MP04/23/2009
Process Monitoring MP04/23/2009
OpsMgr 2007 Extensions MP (Alert on Pending Actions)04/23/2009
Notification Test MP04/23/2009
Multi-Host Ping MP 3.004/23/2009
Monitor and Backup Event Logs04/23/2009
MCS Maintenance Mode MP04/23/2009
Group-to-Class Sample04/23/2009
Group Population from CMDB04/23/2009
Future Occurrences of an Alert04/23/2009
Extended Active Directory MP04/23/2009
eXc Dynamic Map04/23/2009
DNS Check MP04/23/2009
Cisco Router Sample MP04/23/2009
Backup Unsealed Management Packs04/23/2009
Alert Forward Managment Pack 3.01151804/23/2009
AD Integration RunAs Alert Supression requires OpsMgr SP104/23/2009
AD Integration Demo requires OpsMgr SP104/23/2009
Adobe Flash Mediaserver MP04/23/2009