7 thoughts on “Windows Activation License Check

  1. Cameron Fuller Post author

    This monitor generates alerts if the server is either about to fail activation or has a failed activation. The health of the monitor is shown in health explorer under Entity Health / Configuration / Licensing Check Status.

  2. Cameron Fuller Post author

    The monitor looks for event id’s which indicate that either the Windows Activation Licensing is about to fail or has failed. If it’s about to fail that means that it’s not currently activated and will expire soon. If it has failed that means that it needs to have windows activated. This functionality I believe has been added into the windows server operating system management pack but it was not there when I created this as a sample.

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  4. Nico Weytens

    I still get some alerts for some servers, but it’s not complete.
    Some servers are logging with a different EventID:
    Event ID: 8196
    License Activation Scheduler (sppuinotify.dll) was not able to automatically activate. Error code:

    This MP doesn’t pick that up, so I plan to make an additional monitor for this event.

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