Wake-on-LAN Sample Mgmt Pack for Essentials 2010

For more details on setup, functionality and limitations of this sample MP, see this blog postWake-on-LAN Management Pack for Essentials 2010.

This simple management pack augments Essentials 2010 functionality by adding one-click magic packet delivery using a custom task. The pack includes a custom view and custom task each targeting the ‘Network Adapter (Client)’ class.


  • Requires the free Depicus wake-on-LAN command line utility (wolcmd.exe) extracted to c:\tools.
  • Also requires that wake-on-LAN functionality is available and enabled in your managed client computers.

For example, Dell makes a utility you can use to enable wake-on-LAN on your Dell desktop and laptop computers through a msi package created with the Dell Client Configuration Utility (DCCU).

Known Issues

Due to the way the IP addresses are stored on the Network Adapter class, this task will only work for client network adapters with a single IPv4 address. This means IPv6 should be disabled on the client network adapters in your environment. This should be doable for DHCP clients in most environments today.


0 thoughts on “Wake-on-LAN Sample Mgmt Pack for Essentials 2010

  1. Tim Magnuson

    Just tried this out and it works extremely well. Just a note for those dell users, wol is enabled by default in windows, but not in the bios, so you’ll need to make that change to your clients. Very nice work!!

  2. rgb

    I’ve given this a try but am having a problem with it.

    When I run the Wake Up task from within SCE it doesnt wake the computer.

    If I try using the wolcmd from the command line, it will only work if I set the subnet mask to

    It appears that I would need to somehow hard-code the subnet mask as within the management pack in order to get it to work via SCE.

    Does anyone know how I might go about doing this?

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