SNMP Extensions Library (Discovery Provider)

Operations Manager ships with various providers that allow populating classes. They allow discovering classes based on the presence of a Windows Service, WMI queries, registry entries or by running a script. Currently it is not possible to use SNMP OID queries.

In oder to discover details of SNMP capable network devices, I combined the ProbeAction System.SnmpProbe with a discovery data mapper. The resulting Custom.SnmpQuery.FilteredOIDDiscoveryProvider uses the output of SNMP OID queries in discoveries. To make reusing the provider easier, I put it into a sealed management pack.

Important notes
  • This library will only work with OpsMgr SP1 or later.
  • Public key token: e5c80663d573f08c

  • Make sure you have your custom objects hosted by a Microsoft.SystemCenter.NetworkDevice class object. You will then be able to resuse its properties (IP address, SNMP community).
  • You must allow the management server or gateway you use as SNMP proxy, to act as discovery proxy. 
  • It is not possible to use the authoring templates of OpsMgr’s console to add rules or monitors to your discovered classes. Target them at ‘SNMP Network Device’ instead, export the mp and copy the bits to your own xml management pack. Do not forget to alter the target references (add /Host/ references where required).

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