SharePoint 2010 Dashboard Views for OpsMgr 2012

This management pack contains a collection of SharePoint 2010 dashboard views, including:

  • SharePoint 2010 Health & Availability – Farm, Server, Shared Service, Site and Site Collection and SharePoint Health RuleĀ 
  • SharePoint SLO Dashboard (24 hr) – A service level dashboard (pack includes service-level tracking configuration for the SharePoint farm as well)

This pack requires the latest version of the SharePoint 2010 Management Pack (as of Feb 8, 2013).


4 thoughts on “SharePoint 2010 Dashboard Views for OpsMgr 2012

  1. Julian Milano (JDMils)

    Can someone show us what this management pack does? I would like to see the end-result before having to install the SharePoint MP in SCOM.


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  3. ashu


    I am not able to download the MP to test in my environment. Once i click the link it opens the xml in browser.



  4. Vincent Hoo


    are the mp available to download?

    cause i click the link, the file is not found.



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