Security for Removable Media (secRMM) Management Pack for OpsMgr90794

Squadra Technologies security Removable Media Manager (secRMM) software is Windows security software that runs on your company’s workstations and servers. secRMM manages removable media. In this context, Removable media is defined as external hard disks, USB sticks, SD-Cards, smart phones, CD-ROM and DVD. These are typical ways that people move files around or backup data. secRMM allows you to track all write activity to the removable media devices in your computer environment as well as giving you the ability to control (or authorize) who can write to the removable media devices.

Unlike other security software products, secRMM is designed as a light-weight security software product. What this means is that when secRMM does not need to be running, it enters into a quiescent state. The secRMM software will run only when a Removable Media device is plugged into the computer. This means that your end-users will not feel a performance impact from the secRMM software in their normal day-to-day computer work activities.

secRMM logs events into the Windows security event log. secRMM comes with a free Microsoft Operations Manager (OpsMgr) Mangement Pack that will create OpsMgr alerts from the secRMM events.

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