SCOM CMDB for your Datacenter(s)

Updated Version: SCOM CMDB Management Pack

We are happy to introduce you to our updated “SCOM CMDB Management Pack”.
In this version we have some innovations and performance improvements implemented in order to make you work more easily.


Our “SCOM CMDB – Management Pack” for your Infrastructure offers:

It is easy to install and it can be used without large training of your IT staff.
The simple inventory of all components can be automated in SCOM by reusing the CMDB data.
Enriching the alarms using your company information, reduces the time of troubleshooting and solving the problems.
Following successful implementation, the most recurring tasks through the CMDB automation lapsed.

Open the door and share your Infrastructure with your colleagues and
let them decide on how SCOM works without risk.

Look at our website and learn more about the variety of the functions and ask for your:
“SCOM CMDB Management Pack Download”



iguid DeviceView details - SCOM CMDB igud Device View - SCOM CMDB iguid- Rack Management - SCOM CMDB iguid - capacity report - SCOM CMDB


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