Scheduled Resolution Update Management Pack

Are you looking for a way to automate the process of closing out or changing the resolution state of various alerts? Do you have lots of SQL Job Failure alerts, or Script or Executable failed alerts which are not recurring but you want to avoid manually closing them every day (or hour?) The Scheduled Resolution Update Management Pack provides scheduled rules to auto-close or to change the resolution state based upon a periodic basis. These rules are designed to run daily, hourly, or weekly and to auto-close all alerts which have not been updated in the last hour, day, or all alerts which match the name specified. This management pack also can auto-change the resolution states of alert names which are specified on a daily, hourly or weekly basis.

UPDATE: version added to resolve issues with alert closing for alerts older than an hour or older than a day.

3 thoughts on “Scheduled Resolution Update Management Pack

  1. Javier_DK

    nice. How about using an alert target to define the resolution state an alert should change to? for example, if an alert is generated by a rule with target HealthService, use that rule target as the parameter instead of the alert name. Would that be possible?

  2. SCOM admin

    I have resently installed this nice MP in my SCOM2007 R2, and configured it using "overrides".
    But no matter what rule I try, absolutely nothing happens.
    No alarms get closed or changed.
    If I turn on "debugging" no events are being generated.
    I am a bit lost.
    How do I debug from here? Am I missing something in my installation?

    Best regards
    Jens Nielsen

  3. Frode

    Does this MP work in SCOM 2012 R2?

    This would free up some time everyday to close different alerts that is not possible to be removed/disabled

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