SCC Health Check Management Pack Version 2

The version 2 of the MP contains 27 Reports!!! Which are required to run on the Datawarehouse or the Operational Database. There is documentation accompanied how to set up the solution and import the MP.

Please first read the documentation otherwise the MP will fail… you already know as SCOM Experts 😉

If you have Feedback or addons to the MP please feel free to send them in!

41 thoughts on “SCC Health Check Management Pack Version 2

  1. Techiedude007

    UPDATE: Instead of selecting “Windows integrated security”, I selected “Credentials stored securely in the report server and use Windows creds when connecting to the data source” and used my SQL/SCOM service acct that I created for the data warehouse. Go figure – the acct I had been using with “Windows integrated security” has SQL admin, DBO access to OpsMgr DB and the DW and I still had to do this…

    What am I missing? I followed the above to the “T” and I’m still getting an error on the OM reports (the DW obviously work fine). I created the new data source; specified the external server for the OperationsManager database (Server500) since they aren’t located on the same server and specified the initial catalog “OperationsManager” and selected Windows integrated security.

    Data Source=Server500; initial catalog=OperationsManager.

    I tried it with the FQDN of the server as well.
    Tried it with and without Integrated Security=SSPI

    Defaults were used when installing the OM db so the name is the default (OperationsManager).

    The error recvd is: “An error occurred during client rendering. An error has occurred during report processing. Cannot create a connection to data source ‘OperationalDataBaseMain”. For more information about this error navigate to the report server on the local server machine, or enable remote errors.”

    Do I need to restart any services after implementing the new data source? Any ideas?

  2. Techiedude007

    Found a funny typo that finally admits what we all knew about monitoring software: it’s nosy. Run the report for “Noisiest Monitors” and the title of the report comes up as “Nosiest Monitors”.


    I am encountering the same issue. I followed the documentation to the letter, and I am only receiving reports for DW and not for OM.


    Thanks Techiedude007, I tried your UPDATED steps and that did the trick. I am abLe to run reports on both the DW and OM.

  5. Oskar Landman Post author

    Thanks for the feedback, changes will be implemented in version 2 which will be released this week!

    Watch for the blog posting on details in version 2 which has alot of improvements!

  6. Jeremy

    Great MP guys. Is there a way to create a report that shows when a alert was sent and to whom or what subscription the alert is tied too? Another request, servers that were placed into MM and user that placed them into MM? Thanks

  7. Oskar Landman Post author

    Hmmm Subscription is an intresting one will look into this when I have time.

    As for MM the report Misc – Outage and Maintenance Report (DW) should give you this information.

  8. Oskar Landman Post author


    good News PeterW has solved this by changing the XML so it is SP1 compatible. Take a look at the blog post for this version of the Management Pack.



  9. Marcus


    Connection/credential issue: What worked for me was copying the settings from the DW datasource:

    Add “;integrated Security=SSPI” to the datasource connection string and check “Credentials are not required”

    Good luck


  10. new2scc

    Hi Oskar,

    I wanted to leave some feedback Re additions to this MP for version 3.

    One alert report i’ve been struggling badly with and believe it would be VERY useful to have is a report to show all critcial alerts which are in resolution state NEW for > 24 hrs, which can be run for the previous week/month or whatever timeframe. The purpose is that our organisation is introducing internal service level agreements were all critical alerts should be acknowledged within one working day. Therefore we need to be able to run reports to check what alerts fell outside the SLA, and therefore know the service/service owner who needs to address the issues. In my SCOM deployment I have created additional resolution states of Acknowledged (1), Work In Progress (2) ontop of the default New (0) and Closed (255) states.

    At first glance I thought this would be quite straight forward but being a bit of a novice and the more I looked into it, the more difficult is seemed to achive (i posted about this on several sites and looked at others eg – I think the problem lies in how to calc the correct time in a particular state since it seems to raise another entry for the alert with the changes resloution state.

    If you have a sample SQL to do this it would be great if you could send me it and if you felt it was worth including in your V3 MP Ideally if you could run a report to show alert Name/desc, Date/time created, Date/Time resolved, Lenthg to time in state (for NEW), closed By, Owner where you could maybe specify via params time period eg previous week/monthetc…

    Many thanks

  11. ruben.cervantes

    I’ve followed the instructions word for word int he read me file, but for the life of me I’m still getting an error when trying to run OM reports:

    “An error has occurred during report processing. Query execution failed for data set ‘SQL_SCOM_OP’. For more information about this error navigate to the report server on the local server machine, or enable remote errors.”

    I’ve logged into the local report server and there are no errors. I made sure the accounts are set to ‘Credentials stored securely in the report server’ and the ‘Use as Windows credentials when connecting to the data source’ but still no go. Any ideas on what else I could be missing? I can get DW reports working but for the life of me it’s the OM reports that are giving me fits.


  12. Ravi

    Is there a way to get a System UP-Time report from SCOM?

    What i see is all availability reports are based on objects and if an object is in critical state, it is calculated in DOWN time.

    Do we have any mechanism from which we just show a Server UP-Time report.

    Any pointer would be highly appreciated.


  13. Oskar Landman Post author


    take a look at the MP contest MP “System Uptime MP” from Stephan Hall. It is on the SCC catalog as well.

    His MP will let you report on actual uptime of the system….



  14. Stefan Stranger

    Hi Guys,

    Love you report but could you please fix the typos in the documentation?

    data source=””;initial catalog=OperationsManagerDW;Inegrated Security=SSPI

    It’s inTegrated Security.

    I’ll probably be no the only one who is copying this connection string from the documentation 😉


  15. Oskar Landman Post author


    Strange to see this got it the documentation though as i a can’t imagine I did not copy the string…..

    Will do a total write up of the documentation especially on the Datasource creation.


  16. Chrischris2005

    Very neat indeed.

    By the way what is exactly the?: “Top 20 Computers By Performance Count”

    And what do you mean by Performance Inserts in?:

    “Performance – Performance Inserts Per Day (OM)”

  17. djo

    Bravo! this is very nice work. We recently went through a SCOM health check engagement with Microsoft and these reports cover a lot of the same issues that the health check does.


  18. Michael Skov

    Cool MP, but when i import it, i only get two reports (alerts closed by userid and management packs), how can that be? Thanks!

  19. Sven Wells

    Having an issue with this MP. When I select any of the reports, I get the following error:
    "An error has occurred during report processing.
    Cannot create a connection to data source ‘OperationalDataBaseMain’.
    Login failed for user ‘NT AUTHORITY\ANONYMOUS LOGON’."

    The data source is actually named "OperationalDatabaseMain".

    What else do I need to look at to fix this?

  20. Oskar Landman Post author

    Hi Sven,

    did you create the Datasource and made sure you selected the correct security settings?

    The documentation still has some typo’s in it.
    I will rewrite the documentation in the mean while please change the datasource name accordingly.

    The account you are running the reports with have enough permissions?
    SCOM Administrator

    I did a write up on a scripted version for creating the datasource a couple of months back but never get to finish it.
    Maybe now is the time for a write up 🙂

    promise to come with a new version the upcomming weeks.


  21. Les Bowman

    It took about 10 minutes but all my reports showed up 🙂 Initially I only had 12, after a refresh the others showed up.

    I am having an interesting result though. On the Top 20 Alerts by Alert count for instance, the results of the Citrix alerts show up in multiple languages…

    2700 La sesión de Citrix estuvo inactiva demasiado tiempo Una sesión de Citrix ha estado inactiva demasiado tiempo (ID de sesión ID {0} del usuario {1}). 5d205c31-5669-fc39-3cad-91720876cca4 AB58F69C-B5C0-C199-D0FC-A1A0D34DD202
    1755 Citrix session idle too long A Citrix session has been idle for too long (session ID {0} for user {1}). 5d205c31-5669-fc39-3cad-91720876cca4 AB58F69C-B5C0-C199-D0FC-A1A0D34DD202
    860 Las propiedades de una impresora de red o del cliente no están disponibles Las propiedades de la impresora del cliente {0} no han podido transferirse. Controlador de impresora: {1}. 34fd0b2c-b272-9560-747c-f9bd028667ef 034E1B9B-209E-F9A2-F534-51925F82DEDE
    810 La durée d’inactivité de la session Citrix est trop longue Une session Citrix a été inactive trop longtemps (ID de session {0} pour l’utilisateur {1}). 5d205c31-5669-fc39-3cad-91720876cca4 AB58F69C-B5C0-C199-D0FC-A1A0D34DD202
    675 Citrix Sitzung zu lange im Leerlauf Eine Citrix Sitzung hat sich zu lange im Leerlauf befunden (Sitzungs-ID {0} für Benutzer {1}). 5d205c31-5669-fc39-3cad-91720876cca4 AB58F69C-B5C0-C199-D0FC-A1A0D34DD202
    644 Script or Executable Failed to run {0} c72731b1-eb45-a86a-ba4f-1e43460e6cc4 5CB85324-750C-2714-25D7-F9407A9BA180
    559 Client or network printer properties are not available Printer properties for client printer could not be transferred from printer {0}. Printer driver: {1}. 34fd0b2c-b272-9560-747c-f9bd028667ef 034E1B9B-209E-F9A2-F534-51925F82DEDE

  22. Harry

    Pretty neat reports I must admit, however for few reports it does not ask for start date/time and end date/time, it just runs. What do you suggest I do in such cases ?

  23. pfunck123

    Hello All,
    I am not getting the folder under reports, SCC Health Check Reports, I followed the word doc to ensure that the datasource was created to the OperationsManager server , than imported the MP.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  24. SW64

    Used this extensively with SCOM 2007 R2. Recently completed a SCOM 2012 implementation, installed this MP, and I only get 2 reports – Alerts Closed by UserID & Misc – Management Packs. And the Misc – Management Packs report gives an error when it’s run. Has anyone had success with this using SCOM 2012?

  25. SW64

    Shortly after posting my question I got a deployment error from the Data Warehouse a portion of which looks like this:

    Data Warehouse failed to deploy reports for a management pack to SQL Reporting Services Server. Failed to deploy reporting component to the SQL Server Reporting Services server. The operation will be retried.
    Exception ‘DeploymentException’: Failed to deploy reports for management pack with version dependent id ‘1e407d45-3391-49ca-90f9-365b66ea3f9f’

    I have removed the MP for now.

  26. Natascia Heil

    I have the same problem after upgrading our environment to SCOM2012 on SSRS 2008 R2. It states: The value of parameter ‘DataSources’ is not valid. The data source is created correctly, because it worked within the old environment. So what has changed with the new versions?

  27. Ian Blyth (UK)

    I have installed this on 2 different managemeng groups running SCOM 2012 SP1 and all the reports I have tried work.

    My main issue is with the date format. When I run the report the date at the top corner is in US format (month/day/year). When I run one of the standard out of the box reports I get the correct UK format (day/month/year). It would be nice to get that fixed so it picks up the date locale from the server it is running on.

  28. sebastian


    I just returned to office after attending SCU2013 DACH in Bern.
    I created the Report’s Data Source, Connection Test is okay.
    Importing the MP is without errors.
    Reports are shown up in the ReportServer. But there is no folder, no new Report in my OpsMgr Console’s Report Pane.

    Any Ideas ?


  29. sebastian

    Just want to give you an update.
    The next day Reports were available in the Reports Pane.

    But to have them work I needed to modify Data Source’s Definition.
    We granted Read Access to OperationsManager for the DW-Reader Account.
    Then I added the DW-Reader Account credentials to the DataSource.

    In the Section “Connect using:” I checked “Credentials stored securely in the report server”, entered Username and Password, Check “Use as Windows credentials when connecting to the data source”.

    Now it works great !

    It undiscovered immediately some bad situations.

    Thanks again!



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