Sample APC management pack

Sample SCOM 2012 management pack for APC UPS and rPDU devices.

I have focused on using all already discovered information, so no discovery SNMP probes are necessary.
I added monitors for the following SNMP OIDs:


  • upsBasicOutputStatus
  • upsBasicBatteryStatus
  • upsAdvBatteryReplaceIndicator
  • upsAdvBatteryRunTimeRemaining
  • upsAdvBatteryCapacity
  • upsAdvOutputLoad


  • rPDULoadStatusLoadState
  • rPDUPowerSupply1Status
  • rPDUPowerSupply2Status

Additionally the following rules collect the current status (for UPS only) of:

  • upsAdvBatteryRunTimeRemaining
  • upsBasicBatteryStatus
  • upsBasicBatteryTimeOnBattery
  • upsAdvBatteryTemperature
  • upsAdvInputLineVoltage
  • upsAdvInputFrequency
  • upsAdvBatteryCapacity
  • upsAdvOutputVoltage
  • upsAdvOutputLoad
  • upsAdvOutputFrequency
  • upsAdvOutputCurrent

The default interval for all rules and monitors is 10 minutes.

One thought on “Sample APC management pack

  1. Fernando

    Thanks for this MP, you save me a lot of time!!!! Another questions, Do you have same report created to see Voltage, temperature by Report Services?..



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