Opalis Integration Server 6.3 Management Pack for SCOM R2

Have you been waiting for Microsoft to release an Operations Manager management pack for Opalis Integration Server? Wait no longer. The objective of this MP is to ensure the Opalis platform is healthy so automation transpires and availability issues are identified quickly. This solution checks the availability of Opalis 6 by discovering and monitoring the associated NT services. The MP is simple and effective for most scenarios. You may also find it useful in a topological sense for locating Opalis components where you thought they didn’t exist.

The SCOMGUY Opalis 6 Management Pack includes discoveries, service monitors, alerts, and views to assist Operators in detecting issues with Opalis Integration Server 6 servers.

  • Discovers Opalis 6 server components
  • Monitors Opalis 6 NT services
  • Agent Tasks to remedy service failures
  • Alerting Rules for Opalis 6 exceptions in the text logs
  • Opalis server state views for Role, Components and Services

Designed for use with Opalis 6.3 and SCOM R2

Download the package from the source by clicking the Download button.

0 thoughts on “Opalis Integration Server 6.3 Management Pack for SCOM R2

  1. SCOMGUY Post author

    Updated management packs to on 3/17/2011
    * Fixed an issue with discovering the incorrect Install Directory on Windows 2008 servers
    * Improved alert usability by adding service name and server name in the alert description

  2. SCOMGUY Post author

    If your management group has multiple Opalis servers, you may want to see the application health from the perspective of a service owner using a distributed application view. The SCOMGUY Opalis 6 DA Management Pack add-on can help provide that extra dimension not available in the base management pack bundle.

    Download available here: http://www.scomguy.com/blog/?p=180

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