NetBotz Management Pack

Supported devices: NetBotz Rack Environmental Monitoring Devices.

Check your device, the System Object ID must start with .

Download the attached file, unpack it and import to OpsMgr management group.

Only temperature, humidity and general enclosure status is monitored (and collected) in this version.


UPDATE 8/11/2017:  +MP for APC Environmental Monitors (small units like AP9319).

6 thoughts on “NetBotz Management Pack

  1. rHochmayr

    Do you know if this works with a NetBotz 200? I imported the MP but do not receive any data. It is showing up under Network Devices though.

    The System Object ID shown there is .

    Are there any adjustments needed since dhe SOID is different?

    Last question, do I need to use SNMPv1 or 3 to receive the temperatur and humidity data?

    Many thanks,


  2. Alexey Zhuravlev Post author

    Hi Rob,
    No, it doesn’t. You need another MP for 200.

    For any supported device you can use any SNMP version you like.

  3. Peter Bisset

    Alexey, I also have a 200 to monitor. Have you written an MP for that device or do you just mean I have to find/write one?


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