Multi-Host Ping MP 3.0

by Raphael Burri, Pete Zerger, Jaime Correia, Neale Brown, this is a complete rewrite of the original Multi-host Ping Management Pack. The new version provides class-based ICMP ping of user-defined names (called Ping Targets). MP includes both ping availability and performance monitoring, with custom alert, performance and state views. Diagram view of ping target displays target health from multiple watcher nodes (called Ping Watchers). New version is delivered sealed to provide clean upgrade path.

31 thoughts on “Multi-Host Ping MP 3.0

  1. Byty

    I have installed this MP i have created the registy.. all worked ok. I wanted to add new servers to be monitored… nothing happens.. no new servers.. appear…?? what do I do wrong?

  2. Raphael Burri

    Am I assuming correctly that you have changed the registry keys on already discovered watcher nodes? If so the updates should start appearing in OpsMgr within some hours. The discovery process is deliberatly set to use resources very moderatly. So most of the time it helps being patient.
    Should you have added the key on new watcher nodes, just remember to enable proxying for them. Otherwise no objects will be discovered.

  3. Michael

    Hi- I’ve installed the MP, modified the registry and installed it on some different nodes. I verified that the agents are set to act as a proxy, but nothing is coming through the console (in the Multi-Host Ping 3.0 group, everything is blank)

    Is there a step I may be missing? Its been active for approx 2 hours. We are running R2 on Windows 2003/32bit. Thanks for this!!

  4. trishasalas

    Different modules underneath. Multi-host Ping MP uses a native WMI module that does not use scripts, so Multi-host Ping MP scales really well. They are using something different, but have a GUI setup wizard where we use a registry key on the watcher nodes. Multi-host Ping has quite a lot of performance views and reports as well.

  5. shailesh shah

    I have added the management pack and following through the document have been able to get the product working for about 90 hosts. That said I think I am coming two limitations in the current management pack:

    Number of hosts that can be added via registry seems to be around Ninety Five (95) because of registry characters for hostnames that can be added. Am I the only one experiencing this issue? Are other users able to add more hosts? Is there a way to point to a file containing hostnames instead?

    Also as we add more hosts if the ping to each host is sequential then depending on number of pings and RTT, one may hit limitation of never completing ping to all hosts say every two to three minutes and new ping sequence begins. Does that make sense?

    Thanks for help/feeback in advance.

  6. barce59

    Hi Everyone,

    First, i’d like to thank you guys for creating this MP :).

    My question is, can i configure to have all the monitored IPs into a Group? How? I tried to create a group for these monitors but it seems that it cant be considered (as this is an IP and not device). I want to consolidate all monitored IPs into a single group then assign a specific email subscription for this so that other recipients will not be disturbed incase an IP of such will go down.

    Is this possible to do?



  7. JankoZ

    hi, thanks for this.

    When I import MP using Opeations Console there are some monitors and rules missing ?!?!

    I can see all monitors, rules and tasks in authoring console but not in Operations Console when importing.


  8. BrettChevy


    I’d also like to thank the authors for putting this together.

    Since I haven’t seen any responses to posts for over 4 months I don’t know if this thread is being monitored any longer. I have a comment in case it is.

    To Shailesh’s point it would be nice to be able to point this at a text file. I understand that makes it complex because of varying folder locations. The registry key idea makes admins a little nervous and has its limitations.

    Shailesh – If you spread the workload over multiple watcher nodes then both of your issues should be resolved. See the pdf doc in the MP for this.

    All little criticism aside, this is an excellent solution allowing me to further push IPMon out the door. I can’t touch all servers with agents or even agentless monitoring so this is a great workaround.

  9. tgoble

    Hello everyone!

    Also hope folks are still monitoring these posts.

    I’m very interested in this MP due to performance Rule overrides available over OpsLogix PING MP!

    However, I am curios for an answer to the number of ping targets that can be entered into a single WatcherNode. We have 3000+ network (non Windows) devices we want to monitor for PING response times.

    We are thinking of creating custom console tasks (scripts) to perform diagnostic and service stopping actions on Windows PCs when we detect extremely long ms response times over DSL networks when in Dial backup.

    While OpsLogix PING MP is nice, it seems more limited and challenging to accomplish monitoring multiple levels of ms response times and thresholds.

    We are thinking of either using multiple SCOM monitors or a 3 state monitor for ms response times to trigger console tasks/alerts with custom scripts firing against certain SCOM Agents (Agent IP derived via custom script from ping targets) where the ping target is in Dial backup state. We may simply have to target the actual Windows Computer IP/name with our custom scripts vs. actual SCOM Agents since the tasks will be console based.

    None the less or the scripting concerns I may run into, my primary interest is how many Ping Targets can one Ping Watcher support in the registry? I see one post here stating 95 Ping Targets max due to registry limitations. Any update or confirm limit per Ping Watcher?

    Any help/comments are truly appreciated.



  10. atiwari


    I have used this MP in the past worked like a charm. But with our new R2 setup seems like I cannot import the MP. It comes up with the following error:

    “ Multi-Host Ping V3 could not be imported.

    If any management packs in the Import list are dependent on this management pack, the installation of the dependent management packs will fail.

    The requested management pack was invalid. See inner exception for details.

    Parameter name: managementPack”

    The setup is following:

    OS: Win 2k8 R2

    Ops Mgr R2

    Please help?



  11. Dominique


    Any limitations in the number of machines to be in the Ping List?When I had between 10 and 20 everything works fine but with 500+ now I could not get it work … I will review the list but is there any limit?



    List of Ping Targets empty!!!((<br /><br />1.Import MP Multi-host ping 3.0 <br /><br />2. Copy reg file to watcher role agent<br /><br />3. Edit reg file<br /><br />4. Import reg file to registry<br /><br />5. Enable proxy on watcher node<br /><br />6. Restart System Management service on warcher agent<br /><br />7. Refresh list of tagets on SCOM console<br /><br />Empty:-(<br /><br />???<br /><br />


    List of Ping Targets empty!!!((

    1.Import MP Multi-host ping 3.0

    2. Copy reg file to watcher role agent

    3. Edit reg file

    4. Import reg file to registry

    5. Enable proxy on watcher node

    6. Restart System Management service on warcher agent

    7. Refresh list of tagets on SCOM console



  14. S V R Prasad


    we have dcomissioned a server recently i have deleted the Server from SCOM Console and then removed from the registry.

    I still get the Ping Target Alerts for this Decommissioned Server. when i looked at Ping Targets, the Server is still showing up.

    how do I disable it?

    Thanking you in advance

  15. Pete Zerger Post author

    I think starting with 3,000 targets on a single node is a lot. The module we use is pretty lightweight, but I would scale those up on an array of watcher nodes a few dozen at a time.

  16. Markus

    The MP works under 2012 fine. I have one question: Is it possible to modifie the DisplayName per Object? I had discovered a few target per IP-Adress and i would to leave a comment or description manually per Target.

    Thanks and regards,
    M. C

  17. Pete Zerger Post author

    Markus, you could unseal the MP and add a description field to the pack, but would require editing the MP in an xml editor or MP Authoring Console

  18. Markus

    Thanks, i think a Displayname Attribute is already assinged to this mp or i tell something wrong. There is parameter in the option "Personalize View" with "display Name" but where can i edit the object to assign a description oder Displayname.

  19. SW64


    Running SCOM 2012 with Multi-host Ping installed and configured to monitor 4 IP addresses.  Each of the IP addresses is monitored from 2 OM agents in separate sites.  If 1 of the agents is unable to reach an IP address but the other is still working, what should I expect to get for an alert, if any?


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  21. Craig Pero

    Any thoughts of adding a task that targets the windows computer class and can add/update the ping information?

    I have a couple of MP’s where I have a task to update and a task to remove registry information which affects discovery and monitoring. It makes it easier to add/remove on multiple machines simultaneously and eliminates the need to have local permissions on a server/workstation to edit the registry.

  22. Austin

    I have a similar question to Prasad. I am decommissioning a server and I’ve removed it from target list in the registry, on both watcher nodes. I still see it showing up in the Server list. Do I need to kick something else off to update the list?


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