Microsoft Network Policy Server (NPS)

This management pack monitors the Network Policy and Access server (NPS) role of Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2


  • v1.0.1.70 – Added sealed MP version; bugfix performance views

The first discovery is targeted to all Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 operating systems to determine if NPS role is installed or not. The discovery checks for existence of registry key HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\IAS.

Scripted configuration discovery
If the NPS role is installed there are 4 scripted discoveries to discover the configuration:

  • Network Policy Server Client Configuration Discovery (netsh nps show client)
  • Network Policy Server Connection Request Policy Configuration (netsh nps show crp)
  • Network Policy Server Connection Network Policy Configuration (netsh nps show np)
  • Network Policy Server Log Configuration Discovery

21 thoughts on “Microsoft Network Policy Server (NPS)

  1. Wallentin

    Hi there, is it just me or is the download button not liked?
    All I get is the image handler…

  2. daniel heynen

    Hi Wallentin,

    For me the sames issue. I am not able to download the file(s).


  3. Bas Sterkenburg Post author

    Deleted the files and uploaded them again to the media store.
    Could you please try again.


  4. Bas Sterkenburg Post author

    Not sure whats wrong with it. Removed all files again.
    If I click the floppy disk I can download the file.
    The zip file is missing the documentation file. I will update it later today but it containts the .xml and .MP files.

  5. Bas Sterkenburg Post author

    Uploaded a new version (v1.0.1.75). See the documentation document for details.

  6. Wallentin

    Hi Bas,
    I’d like to get my hands on the updated MP and docs 🙂 The image handler situation is back tough (tried in Chrome and IE10).

    Q: Would you consider unlocking the classes for usage outside the sealed NPS MP in future updates? In our environment we have view trees based on our organization (unsealed view MP:s).

  7. Bas Sterkenburg Post author

    Uploaded a new version (v1.0.1.76) and tested (a successful) download.

  8. Bas Sterkenburg Post author

    v1.0.1.80 – Added a monitor to check the expiration date of the certificate

  9. Bas Sterkenburg Post author

    v1.0.1.82 – Updated the “Connection Request Policy” and “Connection Network Policy” Discovery. A lot of the configured values are also translated now.

  10. Jeff Patton

    The download doesn’t seem to work for me? I tried Chrome, IE, Firefox and Opera just in case there was something wonky on my end.

  11. victor-meyeresebenza-com

    Thanks for sharing the MP.

    I can see the discoveries are still only in place for the 2008 OS.

    Will you be bringing out an updated version for 2012 / 2012R2 or do you share the unsealed MP?


    Thanks again.

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