Integrate Oracle DBs into OpsMgr through Foglight


The company I am working for has around 4000 employees. The companies focus is on manufacturing.
With a small team we’re taking care of around 700 Windows Servers based virtual machines which are spooking around the world.
System Center Operations Manager 2012 R2 (OpsMgr / SCOM) is the tool of choice to monitor our workloads.

Historically grown we are using Oracle Databases which are hosted on AIX. A dedicated team is managing and monitoring them using Dell’s Foglight.

A common layout is having an Oracle DB as back-end, Windows providing the middle or front-end.
Cloud based systems are becoming an important part of our IT landscape as well.

As a result applications which are so distributed are complex to handle.
A good way to facilitate trouble shooting of those is introducing SCOMs Distributed Applications.

They provide a rough idea what the problem is causing on first sight.




How to get the health state of our Oracle Databases into OpsMgr?

One approach was installing SCOM agents on AIX and purchasing a Management Pack from a specialized vendor. After discussion we decided not to choose this option.

Main argument to stick on the current solution was because Foglight fully satisfies monitoring Oracle Databases.



Integrate our Oracle DBs’ health state information into SCOM benefiting on Foglights’ data. As the vendor only offered a Management Pack to forward alerts to SCOM, authoring a custom Management Pack seemed to be the only possible way.



Solution Approach:

A regstry key on any Windows Server is used to promote it act as the “Foglight MonitoringServer”.

Foglight’s command line tool “foglcmd” is used to export topology and health information into XML files.

A Scheduled Tasks runs periodically “foglcmd” on the “Foglight MonitoringServer” to pull the current data into files.

The “Foglight MonitoringServer” hosts the Management Pack and runs discovery- and monitoring scripts which parse the XML files to feed OpsMgr with the information.

MP Solution Approach




This management pack provides topology and health state of our Oracle environment to SCOM.

As the source is available, feel free to customize it according to your demand.

If I can support, let me know through




An early stage of the Management Pack as VSAE solution file and XML can be found on Github.

Technical information to use this management pack can be found on:

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