Free Cisco Catalyst 2950 Series Switch Management Pack from JAXMP

 Cisco Catalyst  switch monitoring and management directly from System Center Operations Manager is a reality with the Cisco Catalyst 2950 Series Switch Management Pack.  Monitor all critical components of any Cisco Catalyst 2950 Series switch including Interfaces, Memory, Processor, Fan and Power Supply.

Absolutely no CLI or WMI is used to retrieve performance values from the switch.  The Rules and Monitors are Native SCOM implementations and use SNMP to collect all performance and switch health data.  Once the device has been discovered in SCOM, the Management Pack takes over and performs the specific switch discovery.  After discovery, a native SNMP module is used within SCOM to collect values directly from the switch.  You will never configure a login and password to access the switch. You will never have to import MIB files into WMI.  All access performance data collection is through SCOM.

Polling interval and thresholds can also be overridden in SCOM to provide a more tailored environment. Click the Download button to get it from the source!


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