File System Management Pack

by Jaime Correia, the latest update to this management pack provides several script-based monitors for shares, files and folders, offering something for most any scenario. The MP also includes custom object classes for discovered objects, and an impressive diagram view.

A comprehensive guide is included with the MP with detailed instructions for configuration.

WARNING:Discovery of folder and files must be used only to discover the needed objects do monitor. However, it is possible to discover thousands of files and folders. This exceeds the Microsoft best practice of defining an object class of no more than 50 – 100 objects.

32 thoughts on “File System Management Pack

  1. AengusM

    I’ve got a couple of boxes where the FileSizePerformance.vbs errors with “failed to create System.PropertyBagData, no errors in the output”
    Anyone else getting similar errors?
    Whats strange is that it isn’t consistent, most of the time it runs OK. I suspect the issue may occur when the folder is empty?
    The script is from the rule Folder > “File Size Performance Rule” which I understand is a requirement for the monitor Folder > “File NOT Modified” is that correct?
    I’m using the rule and monitor to watch a folder for files that are older than 20 mins.

  2. Damati

    i discovered about 100 shared folders. and enabled the monitoring for 50 of them.

    10 are still showing warning however i can access them remotely!!

    what else can we try to?

    also, i discovered folders for other servers, then i removed the servers from discovery but folders are not removed. any idea?

  3. JB

    Thx for a great MP!

    Using the File System MP and was wondering why under State View, the File Shares, Folders and Files, all have a Not Monitored state beside them, even though they are discovered. Is that normal?

    Secondly, I removed a Share from being discovered, but it has not been removed from the File Share State view or Folders State View. How do they get removed?


    John Bradshaw

  4. Michael Skov

    This mp looks awesome! However, I am getting script errors from the three servers where i want to monitor folders;

    – Microsoft VBScript runtime error: Path not found

    – The network location cannot be reached. For information about network troubleshooting, see Windows Help.

    Any ideas?



  5. SupportAmit


    I have downloaded this MP. it’s great and working fine on all machine except few.The problem is that the Folder Discovery.vbs script gets time out on one server.The folder that I am trying to discover is compress folder.Any help appriciated.


  6. Malik47

    Hi All,

    Can anyone help me to discover share folder and files i have installed file system MP but nothing is discovered.

    pls help me i dont know form where to start ?

  7. andy

    Thanks, it works.

    I can monitor the size of a file now, but….only greater than the certain size trigger an alert.
    Can anyone help to provide a approach to monitor the size of a file less the given size override?

  8. Vivak

    We have implemented FIleSystem anagement pack in our SCOM 2007 R2 environmnet , Somehow we have some issues with certain shares which show as below:

    We have already granted access to share / read Write for the Action Account and also provived Security permissions as well.

    Monitors the availability of a File Share.

    Use overrides to enable the monitor for a File Share or all File Shares.

    The File Share is unavailable.

    Check the Permissions of the Opsmgr Action Account. Check the Server to see any problems.

    Additional Information
    The Action Account needs READ Permission on the File Share.Monitor is disabled by default.

  9. nandfred

    Nice pack, it does however looks like it got issues with hidden shares ! 🙂
    the visible shares, no problem they get discovered, the hidden one, not so lucky.
    Maybe the $ in the share name messes something up in the script.

  10. BGW

    Has anyone tried this in SCOM 2012? How’s the success rate. On MS forum mentions not so lucky with it. Has anyone seen a similar, more current one or and updated version of this one?

  11. Eloisa H

    Where can I find the usage rights or the terms and conditions when using the File Sytem Management Pack?

    Also, how much is the license cost or fee for File System Management Pack?

  12. Tommy Gunn

    It is free to download, but may not be redistributed from other sites or locations without express written consent of the authors and System Center Central.

  13. Eloisa H

    Thanks Tommy. Is there any license rights for the File System Management Pack? A click through agreement that the users should comply with?

  14. Mekonen


    I’m using File System Management Pack by Jaime Correia.

    Here is my situation:

    I have a folder name X. The folder X has a sub-folder called Y.  I want count files only from a folder X. When I use a monitor “File Count Availability”,  it counts all the files  including those files from the sub-folder Y. Which gives me alert all the time.

    How can I exclude those files from the sub-folder Y and count only files from X folder?

    Any help appreciated.


  15. Johan Sjöberg


    We are using this on SCOM 2012, and discovery works fine. My problem is the opposite, we accidentaly enabled discovery on a share that had a lot of subfolders, so all those folders got added to the discovered inventory. I disabled discovery and then ran Remove-SCOMDisabledClassInstance from the SCOM shell, but the discovered folders are not deleted. How can I delete the folders that should not be in the inventory?

  16. Gordon

    Just loaded this MP in my LAB environment.

    SCOM 2012 R2 UR4 on Windows 2012 R2

    Enabled the Shared Folder Detection on two small groups of servers. It did discover them correctly.

    Testing the File Share Deletion Detection and Creation Rules.

    There are multiple alerts being reported with the source server share being deleted / created on. One alert is from a random server in the second group, and one is for the server the share change was actually done on.

    Has anyone else seen this? I am going to try creating a new group with all of the test servers to see if it replicates with just a single group.

  17. afzalqq

    i want to understand how this MP works..

    does it runs is discoveries/network share monitoring from SCOM managementserver or from  the targetted client itself locally.


    we are facing issue with MP on SCOM 2012 R2 trying to monitor network share on Window server 2008/R2.

    some gets monitored/ some keep giving warning error even if the action account permissions are in place.

    does it uses local  system account for accessing network fileshare availability?
    does it require firewallport/WMI access from SCOM managementserver to the server (on which shared need to be monitored) to monitor the discover share properly?



  18. Ravi Prakash

    Hi Team,

    Currently we have configured File System Management Pack in our SCOM 2012 R2 Environment to monitor only one share folder (Share Folder Name – TempDocuments). After the configuration the Share Folder TempDocuments discovered successfully and showing the status as Healthy in Folder state view.

    However in the Folder state view along with the TempDocuments we can also see the sub folders of “ TempDocuments ” share. The sub folders status showing as Not Monitored. Our requirement is to monitor only the TempDocuments share folder and we don’t required to display the sub folders under the Folder State View.

    Please let us know how we can exclude/remove the sub folders from the Folder State View.

  19. cookson.stuart

    I have installed this successfully and have successfully discovered several shares that are running on a cluster.  My problem is that once I turn on monitoring for File Share Availability for these shares they briefly appear as healthy and then switch to unhealthy even though they are available.

    I have tried monitoring the shares via the cluster name and via the server the share is on but get the same results.  Does this MP not work on cluster’s?


    Many thanks

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