Demo – Pool Owner225793

This management pack is for debugging purposes. Use it only if you need to debug OpsMgr pool(s) issues or in a lab\test management groups.


  • Collecting rule and the event view (Default Events) for the event with ID 20021 (The entity “<> Pool” is now available through the system) from Operations Manager eventlog.
  • Custom rule, targeted to Microsoft.SystemCenter.ManagementServicePool class. It’s the simple script-based rule that every 5 minutes writes the event to OpsMgr eventlog (on the current pool owner) with ID 19000 and description like “IamThePoolOwner.vbs : Pool owned by this MS: <pool name>”
  • Collection rule and event view (custom events) for the events with ID 19000
  • Custom class and discovery. This class representing a management server with non-default pool manager settings.
  • Monitor (Custom Pool Manager Settings Consistency).

What Custom Pool Manager Settings Consistency monitor is for:

The monitor get management servers list and a list of Microsoft.SystemCenter.ManagementServicePool class instances. If both object type counts are equal (all your management servers has custom pool manager settings) then monitor checks if the settings are identical on all management servers.

Monitor will fire an alert if:

– only some of your management servers has a custom pool settings


– all of your management servers has a custom pool settings registry keys created but with different values

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