0 thoughts on “Alert Forward Managment Pack 3.011518

  1. Paulymo

    The box comes up to enter an e-mail address, I enter the e-mail address and hit send. The box disappears but the mail doesn’t come. Any suggestions?

  2. Cameron Fuller

    I loaded this management pack into my R2 environment yesterday and it worked without issue. It is designed to send email two different ways: 1) If you have a local outlook client installed – this is preferred and worked like a champ for me. 2) If there is no outlook client installed it tries to do a call direct to the email server specified and send the mail that way. I haven’t tested the second option yet, but if email isn’t allowed from the source address it would fail to deliver which is what it sounds like in the above issue.

  3. mbuyukkarakas

    I didnt like it.

    I’m using Win7 and outlook 2007. After loading the MP I could not send even an email. When I click to “email this” system always returns me a message “error message : the network path was not found”.

  4. Steve

    Set this up without a problem, sounds like the guy above me did not follow the instructions. I wish there was some documentation for customizing this script.

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