Agent Availability (Grays not in MM)

This is a simple MP with a single monitor that is targeted against the RMS and runs a query to check for Gray Agents that are not in MM.

The alert identifies the specific agents.

Readme is included with the zip download.

All comments welcome, please post below.

0 thoughts on “Agent Availability (Grays not in MM)

  1. Sameer

    Hi Aengus,

    Thanks for this MP. I was reading the readme file and it states this is for SCOM 2007 R2.
    does this mean that it won’t work the same for SP1?


  2. AengusM Post author

    Hi Sameer,
    this MP is so simple I can’t see why it wouldn’t work with SP1 it is just that I not tested it with SP1.

  3. David

    Hi Aengus,

    Would using the EventID: 20022 Source: OpsMgr Connector on the RMS do the same thing to raise an alert for Gray Agents (beside the mmode feature0 ?

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