Integration Packs

ReSearch This – Dashboard Edition

To install the ReSearch this dashboard, simply load the management pack. The view appears in the monitoring pane under the “SystemCenterCentral ReSearch This – Dashboard Edition” folder under the name “ReSearch Alerts”.

SMTI – Service Manager Telephony Integration

Service Manager Telephony Integration (SMTI) is an add-on to Microsoft System Center Service Manager allowing you to bridge a gap in your ITSM processes thus ensuring your service offerings are optimal and personal. SMTI creates the link between your Microsoft System Center Service Manager, the soft phone system and call center operators computer. This connectivity […]

Removable Media Security

Incorporate data security into your runbooks/workflows.  “Security Removable Media Manager” (secRMM) monitors (into the Windows Security Event Log) and controls (i.e. implements security rules/policies) access to external storage devices.  External storage devices in this context means any type of storage device that can be attached to the Windows computer using plug-and-play technology.  Specifically, this includes external […]

Orchestrator Variables Integration Pack on Codeplex

By Sharon Abarbanel, this integration pack provides capabilities to create / update variables that behave more like variables and less like constants in Orchestrator 2012. Definitely a nice addition for anyone frustrated by the constant-esque behavior of variables in Orchestrator. Click the Download button to visit the project homepage on Codeplex.

Orchestrator Runbooks for SCCM Linux Client Deployment

Since Client Push Installation is not supported for the Unix/Linux client, Orchestrator 2012 is a great option since it provides native secure shell (SSH) activities. Neil Peterson [MSFT] has developed some runbooks for exactly this purpose! The Steps The high level steps needed in order to install the Configuration Manager SP1 Beta client for Linux […]

Opalis Sample Policies: User and Virtual Machine Provisioning

This download includes sample Opalis workflows and related Service Manager  2010 custom change templates to demonstrate System Center-integrated automation for enterprise and private cloud. These policies will be represented in an upcoming article. Workflows should function in both Opalis Integration Server 6.3 and Orchestrator 2012, which is in beta at the time of this post.

System Center Configuration Manager Integration Pack Extention

by Ryan Andorfer, this integration pack adds some additional integration points for Opalis to System Center Configuration Manager. These functions are used in my User Self imaging workflow that will be demoed at MMS 2011. This project is currently under heavy development. I am releasing and early version in .DLL form (use Run .Net Object […]

VMWare VSphere Integration Pack for Opalis

by Ryan Andorfer, This integation pack is based off of the latest version of the VMWare CMDLets and the source code is available in the source code area.  There is no documentation for the IP yet, but each object corresponds to a CMDLet from VMWare so you can see their documentation for a reference for […]

SCCM Client Center Integration Pack for Opalis

SCCM Client Center Integration Pack for Opalis is an System Center Opalis Integration Pack to manage and orchestrate System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) 2007 Agents from Opalis workflows. It supplements the SCCM Integration Pack with nearly 30 objects delivering functionality beyond the native SCCM IP.

Integration Pack for SharePoint

The SharePoint IP was created by Jeff Fanjoy. This Integration Pack adds the following objects to Opalis Integration Server:  Create List Item Delete Attachment Delete Document Delete List Item Download Attachment Download Document Get Attachment List Get List Item Monitor List Item Update List Item Upload Attachment