Overcoming IT Management Challenges with Live Maps Unity by MVP Janaka Rangama

You cannot manage IT just from an organizational chart, and it is not something that will run automatically after allocating an annual budget. Some organizations wrongly assume that the CIO needs to take the lead on every daily operational issue that the IT Team encounters. The role of a CIO is far wider, and a CIO’s primary focus is to ensure a balance in the dynamics between the business and IT. CIOs are there to focus on improving organizational IT strategy so that the IT investments can deliver business benefits and opportunities which will finally make sense to the rest of the C-Suite members.

Your business is versatile; so are the business services and applications in your organization. As a CIO, it’s your duty to ensure the smooth operation of your data center and to provide 24×7 availability for the users. But in the real world, things can go awry; unexpected downtimes may occur, and sometimes it’s quite challenging to handle them. These are some of the questions that pose the fundamental challenges that are faced by most CIOs.

  • How well do you know the performance of your business services and applications?
  • Are you proactively monitoring your IT infrastructure?
  • Are you taking necessary preventive actions to solve those tiny mysteries that might lead to common outages somewhere in your datacenter?

Outages can occur at any time, and they can be either planned, unplanned or both. Growing business demands also require a substantial amount of future investments. Therefore, meeting Service Level Agreements for business applications to their best achievable levels is mandatory to ensure the smooth operation of an organization. The need for a strong and comprehensive monitoring system arises in order to overcome such challenges.

Read the entire blogpost by MVP Janaka here to find out how System Center can help your IT team to monitor services, devices and operations; and how combining it with a solution like Savision’s Live Maps Unity helps CIOs to benefit by enabling feature rich, comprehensive insights for management and business users while improving the IT team’s efficiency.

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