Our First Free Cisco Management Pack

We have finally released our first Management Pack for a network device.  We decided to release the first one for free.

This MP was developed for the Cisco Catalyst 2950 Series Switch and will detect all models of the series of switch.  You can find more information here about the MP and some of its features.

Here is the download link for those that want to jump right into the action.  Make sure you read the Installation document first.


Stephen Hull

0 thoughts on “Our First Free Cisco Management Pack

  1. Gabz

    Hi, I was wondering if it’s still available for free download? I wasn’t able to see the file when I clicked the download link


  2. shull Post author


    To answer your question, yes, trials are available. The post above was for our version 1.0 MPs. We now have our version 2.0 MPs that are completely native to SCOM. The version 1.0 needed an external DLL, but the new version 2.0 uses the built-in SCOM modules. To get them, you need to go to the web site, register, and then you can get access to the downloads. You will get a 30-trial key sent to you. Email me directly if you have any more questions.

    shull at jaxmp dot com


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