OpsMgr QuickTip: Customizing Views to Quickly Identify Unhealthy Servers and Applications

One minor annoyance with some of the default views in Operations Manager, such as the Windows Computer view, is that they present monitored instances in the wrong order, with unmonitored at the top, followed by healthy and then unhealthy at the bottom, as shown in the figure below.


At the end of the day, this is backwards, as one would generally want to see instances in a critical state at-a-glance, with no scrolling to find them.

How to fix it

Fixing it is quick and easy. For any view in an unsealed management pack (MP), go into the view properties and change the setting on the Display tab to sort columns by health state in descending order. You can do the same for views in sealed MPs by right-clicking and selecting the Personalize View menu option.


The result is a view that sorts critical items to the top where they belong.


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