OpsMgr: Monitoring files and folders without the File System Management Pack

Someone asked me offline how to monitor various aspects of files and folders without going to the depth and complexity of the File System Management Pack. Below are several sample scripts for a two-state monitor to get you started monitor various aspects of files and folders on an ad-hoc basis, as well as the step-by-step for implementation.

How to put these into a two-state monitor? See How to create a Script-based 2-State Monitor

Additional Community-Developed Management Packs

You can find many free management packs in the Community Management Pack Catalog or by using Tommy’s Community Pack Catalog Cheat Sheet

3 thoughts on “OpsMgr: Monitoring files and folders without the File System Management Pack

  1. new2scc

    Hi Pete,

    Interested in using the File Count Monitoring script above for my new SCOM 2012 build (since the previous FileSytemMP by Jamie Correia apparently no longer works in 2012).  Does the folder path parameter work for unc path/shared folders?  Also other than the commenting within the script and associated readme – is there any other detail/instructions of configuring the timed script/monitor which used this script as I’m unsure where the parameters need configured and what the unhealthy events is referencing.  Thanks

  2. Barry

    I’m also looking to use the File Count script for NFS, but I’m not sure about establishing the Parameters.  I’m new to SCOM, so I’m not sure about the method for specifying the FolderName and FileCountThreshold.  The provided 2-state monitor document skips that step, as it’s not required for the example.

    Also, I wasn’t sure if I should try to set it up as a 2-state monitor, or a rule like the readme text for that script recommends.



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