OpsMgr: Management Pack Guides now available as a separate download

When I was downloading the new Configuration Manager 2007 MP for Operations Manager 2007, I noticed something else. You can now download the MP Guide as a separate download, saving the extra steps of downloading and running the Windows Installer (msi) package. This is great because in Operations Manager 2007 R2, you can download management packs directly from the catalog using the Operations Console (which does so by calling a web service on the Microsoft site).  This eliminated the need to download the msi…unless you wanted the MP guide!

Now you can download MPs directly to your Management Group AND download the guide without all the unnecessary steps!


You can now also download the MP Guide using a link in the Operations Console! See http://www.opsmode.com/?p=13

NOTE: I looked at the download pages for some of the other MPs, and noticed the change is not yet universal. At least some of the existing MP downloads still have the single msi download via a Download button.


Here’s a sample from the ConfigMgr 2007 MP download page I just visited.


Well done OpsMgr Product Team!

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