OpsMgr: LDAP Query snippets for AD Integration – computer roles and OS

By request, here are some queries that could be incorporated into more complex queries to group machines based on multiple criteria that include the computers role and operating system. I can’t say that incorporating OS and/or computer role into AD Integration is something I’ve heard come up very often, but if it fits your model, so be it.

You can find the guide to AD Integration in OpsMgr Raphael and I put together HERE. The guide includes tips for how to use security groups and OUs (indirectly) in your AD Integration strategy.

NOTE: If you’re an AD guru and wondering why I did not specify which directory partition to target, it because OpsMgr 2007 stores it’s configuration data in the Domain NC, so all queries are implicitly targeted to the Domain partition.

Sample Queries for AD Integration



AD Integration is the preferred method of automation for agent configuration. If you don’t use it today, consider plugging this into your management group.

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