OpsMgr: How do I determine what rules and monitors apply to a system?

Microsoft provides a tool which provides functionality which may meet the requirements called the effective configuration viewer (available at http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=a9db4dca-6716-478d-89b9-42f27ebc76a8&DisplayLang=en). The best discussion on this topic is available at http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en/operationsmanagermgmtpacks/thread/74896e46-4a0b-4953-aaea-8c24ee1af975 which discusses a way to find what monitors generate alerts, and what alerts generate write actions (or mentions maybe you can query the database). Jeremy Pavleck has written a script called Get-ActiveRules which may be of assistance and is available at: http://www.poshcode.com/454

Additionally it appears that a third party vendor has filled this functionality with the newly released Silect Agent Explorer. It provides information about what rules, monitors, discoveries, and management packs are running on a given server. It’s almost like an RSOP for Operations Manager rules and monitors. Information on this is available at: http://www.pavleck.net/2010/03/silect-agent-explorer/.

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    It’s funny how even in a technical specialization there are areas where other members of the community may know great stuff. I was posed this question by my client and I researched it from what I could find out there. Marnix saw this and added information that he was aware of. Great example of the OpsMgr community and of iron sharpening iron. Thank you Marnix!

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    Another option may be to use the Operations Manager Console / Monitoring / Operations Manager / Agent / Agent Health State. Highlight the agent state and use the “Show Running Rules and Monitors for this Health Service” task.

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