OpsMgr: Exporting override details into a readable Overrides Report with PowerShell

We were recently have a discussion in the SCC forums about some missing documentation around a particular OpsMgr PowerShell cmdlet when the discussion came ’round to how to output overrides in a readable format with all the relevant info. The main item missing is the source rule or monitor that the override targets.

As it turns out, Daniele Muscetta (a well-known Microsoft PFE) has already written a script that does most of the hard work to export the unsealed management pack and then retrieve the overrides in a readable format. The need came out in our forum discussion for a means to get the output into a single report file. All that was required were some simple changes to 1) add the name of the source management pack to a report column and 2) output the report to a single file instead of one for each management pack.

So I started with Daniele’s script here –

Command Shell: Dumping all overrides in Operations Manager 2007 (Script)

Here are the changes I made:

  • Added logic to store the output of all the packs in a single variable
  • Added the -notypeinfo flag to rid the output of the type info line on each pass, which is garbage for our purposes
  • Added an extra column to include the name of the management pack the override is stored in
  • Moved the override name to the far right column. The name string is so long and unruly it clutters the report

And here’s the result. Many thanks to Daniele for this and the many other amazing contributions to the OpsMgr community over the past 3 years.


Sample Script

Here is a copy of the updated script. Make sure to replace the $exportpath variable with the name of an existing directory.


You can find all sorts of PowerShell scripts for System Center products at PowerShell Scripts for System Center (Master Collection) or in our Downloads section.

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