OpsMgr Database Hygiene : SCC Health Check Reports Management Pack by Oskar Landman & Pete Zerger

Database Hygiene is greatly covered by Pete Zerger in his6 part series on database hygiene. Why you should care and how it effects the functionality and performance of your (or your customers) SCOM environment.

Most of the times it comes down to running SQL queries directly on the databases to gather this information. After gathering the information you can retrieve the information widely spread on the Internet and start tuning over enthusiastic rules and monitors to keep your environment nice and tidy.

This Management Pack is written to make your life more easy!

The story behind the MP

When we first started talking about this MP the question “Should we put it into the open?” was one of the first questions we needed to answer.

Because reporting on data from the Ops DB is not supported by Microsoft. But with some effort you will soon find lots of queries to retrieve the data from the Ops DB by running queries directly on the Ops DB.

There are tons of them around on the internet and this MP may be a guidance on how you should use them in a need reporting format.

Pete and I started of with building some custom reports and use commonly used queries to retrieve the data, mostly derived from his series. Based on this I expanded the layout and settings to proper reports.

Next I started to gather some more useful queries from the famous blog byKevin Holman which has a long list of really useful queries and postings on performance and tuning.

Now I wrapped up all queries we think are useful gave the reports a knowledge addition and added them to a Management pack called SCC Health Check Management Pack!!

Community MP

The management pack is included with a small readme because you need to create a custom shared datasource to be able to connect to the Operational Database.The idea behind this Management Pack is it will be a community MP with ongoing development.

What does this mean?

Well as you know there are many articles written nowadays on SCOM and how to get it and keep it running smooth. The difficult part is most of the articles are scattered all over different blogs.

The idea behind this MP is to run the reports and read the knowledge accompanied by the report which should include a short description of the report and mostly important hyper links to articles explaining why the data is important and how you should interpret it.

The reports and knowledge links should be included in this MP by SCOM experts with their findings and real life recommendations!

Come to think of it this is one of the benefits for using management packs developed with the knowledge of experts in the first place!  😉

This is just the first version which has some knowledge but along the way we will extend the reports and knowledge based on your feedback!


Because we want to have a real life community MP it is crucial for people to deliver their feedback and additions to this MP. All feedback will be reviewed by the authors Oskar Landman and Pete Zerger and if relevant will be added to the Next version of the SSC Health Check Management Pack. This way this MP can be a real benefit for running a smooth SCOM environment.

The SCC Health Check Management Pack

The MP contains 16 reports which are required to run on the Datawarehouse or the Operational Database. There is documentation accompanied how to set up the solution and import the MP.

Please first read the documentation otherwise the MP will fail…..as you already know as SCOM Experts 😉

You need to create a custom Shared Datasource on your report sever to be able to run the reports on the Operational Database.

After creating the Shared Datasource on your reporting server you can add the Management Pack! Doing any sooner and the import of reports will fail! Which you should already know since as a SCOM expert you always read the documentation before adding any MP………….right???

Here are the reports currently in the MP:

Report Name Queries Database
Alerts Closed by UserID (DW) OperationsManagerDW
Alerts Closed by Specific User (DW) OperationsManagerDW
Alerts Closed by User [Count] (DW) OperationsManagerDW
Discoveries Last 24 Hours (DW) OperationsManagerDW
Modified Properties Details Last 24 Hours (DW) OperationsManagerDW
Outage and Maintenance Report (DW) OperationsManagerDW
Top 20 Largest Tables (DW) OperationsManagerDW
Most Common Events by Number and Publisher (OM) OperationsManager
Down Agents (OM) OperationsManager
Noisiest Monitors (OM) OperationsManager
Number of Alerts per Day (OM) OperationsManager
Performance Inserts Per Day (OM) OperationsManager
Run As Profiles (OM) OperationsManager
State Changes Per Day (OM) OperationsManager
Top 20 Largest Tables (OM) OperationsManager
Top 20 Performance Insertions By Perf (OM) OperationsManager

The writers of this MP are not responsible for any problems derived from the MP although the MP has been tested on different installations and there are no known issues. There is always a possibility things are different in your environment so as always use the documentation and make sure that you know what you are doing.

The MP can be downloaded at the MP catalog.


Have Fun and feel free to comment or send in your feedback!

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  1. orimslala

    I am struggling to get this report working and keep the getting the following error when I try and run any reports

    “An error has occurred during report processing ,(rsProcessingAborted) Cannot create a connection to datsource `operationaldataBasemain’. rsErrotOpeningConnection . For more information about the error navigate to the report server  on the local server machine ,or enabel remote errors ”

    Can you please assist

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