OpsMgr Database Hygiene Part 7: Reports in SCC Health Check Reports Management Pack

1icon19jc8 In the first 6 installments of the database hygiene series, we looked at top generators of data insertions into the OperationsManager database and related operational issues that affect the health of your Operations Manager 2007 environment. We ran quite a few SQL queries directly on the OpsMgr 2007 databases in several situations where reports were not previously available to provide insight into source causes of various issues

Filling the Reporting Gap

Since there “top generator” reports delivered in the Operations Manager Core MP Reports (discussed in part 6) target the data warehouse, we decided to begin delivering some operational and diagnostic reports that target the OperationsManager in a management pack. I teamed up with community OpsMgr guru Oskar Landman to deliver a management pack. Together, we created the SCC Health Check Reports Management Pack. In version 1, we created 16 reports, some of which target the OperationsManager database and some that target the data warehouse that provide of a variety handy diagnostic and operational info.

Feedback is welcome. Oskar and I will be expanding the list of reports quickly and your input counts. Please post your requests for new reports as comments on one of our blog posts or e-mail me at pete.zerger [AT] gmail DOT com.

Oskar has been tireless supporter of the OpsMgr community and freely shared his talents through blogging and community MPs. Please join me in thanking Oskar for his considerable efforts in this collaboration!

Reports in This Release

Here is a full list of the reports in v1 of the SCC Health Check Reports Management Pack.


Download The MP

You can download a copy of the SCC Health Check Reports MP for OpsMgr 2007 from the Community MP Catalog at http://www.systemcentercentral.com/tabid/145/indexId/69990/Default.aspx

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