OpsMgr 2012 Quick Tip: Finding servers experiencing the most heartbeat failures with PowerShell

Had some heartbeat failures showing up in a large deployment this morning and wanted to get a fix on the top offenders. If you’re having heartbeat failures and you see your OpsMgr infrastructure is appropriately sized and performant, you want to find a pattern. Maybe the pattern is related to workflows, but could just as easily be environmental. Servers from a branch, servers that are all overworked and low on resources, etc.

This one-liner (formatted two function as a two-liner here) will return the top 20 agents (health services) by count of heartbeat failures…use it in good health (pun intended).

There are quite a few other PowerShell one-liners related to System Center 2012 Operations Manager in this article as well – OpsMgr 2012 PowerShell: updated collection of one-liners

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