OpsMgr 2012: Find Computers without the Active Directory Helper Object (OOMADS) with PowerShell

The Active Directory Helper Object (called OOMADS) is required for some Active Directory related scripts in the Active Directory Management Pack. When agents do not have the helper object, which often happens when you deploy an agent manually (any method other than push-install). The error message you’ll see in the Monitoring space of your Operations Console will look like this:

AD Lost And Found Object Count : The script ‘AD Lost And Found Object Count’ failed to create object ‘McActiveDir.ActiveDirectory’. This is an unexpected error.

The McActiveDir portion reminds me of McDonalds! And it’s the key to easily identifying all the agents missing the helper in large environments.

Finding computers missing the AD Helper Object with PowerShell

This PowerShell one-liner will reveal all the alerts that include the tell-tale ‘McActiveDir’ string. By retrieving the PrincipalName property of these alerts gives us the name of the computers missing the helper!

Amazing what we can do with a single line of PowerShell. Make sure to run this one-liner in the Operations Manager Command Shell since it uses an OpsMgr cmdlet!

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