Notifying reviewers with attachment links to #SCSM 2012 HTML5 portal

Last year I published a blog post about using SCUtils FileAttachment to send notifications to reviewers with links to the documents attached to the Review Activities in Microsoft System Center 2012 Service Manager. The solution lets reviewers download the attached files from the SCSM self-service portal based on SharePoint platform.

A bit while ago, Microsoft released a new HTML5 self-service portal and I decided to revise all previously published solutions to support seamlessly both types of the portal. I created a small add-on that keeps the portal URL and it’s required to make this solution works.


I’ve revised the code to avoid making you change the C# code and now you can take only a few actions to make wheels round:

  1. If not done yet, deploy and setup SCUtils FileAttachment or SCUtils FileAttachmentHTML5 depending on your type of the portal;
  2. Import SCUtils.Portal.Address.mpb management pack from here;
  3. Edit SCUtils Portal Address Setting according to your portal type and URL (refer here for details);
  4. Copy NotifyReviewerWithAttachLinks.dll to the Service Manager folder on the management server that hosts workflows (usually the first installed one);
  5. Import SCUtils.NotifyReviewerWithAttachLinks.Workflow.xml management pack;
  6. Edit a notification template Notification template for a user assigned to Review Activity with attachment links to satisfy your requirements;
  7. Add yourself to the test Review Activity and check your inbox. If you don’t get a message for a while, inspect the spam folder (sometimes the message goes there if your email client is too suspicious).


Read the rest download files and source code here.

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