New features of SCUtils Email Connector v 1.9 that #SCSM admins will definitely love

As many of you might know, a maximum number of attached files to an incident can be set in the range from zero to ten (0-10) in the SCSM console. For a regular incident is quite enough… in a perfect life.

You are probably very well informed that many end users do love to add to an email signature your company logos, Facebook and Twitter icons, etc. And all this things are going to be attached to the work items if you have a connector to process incoming emails. Not surprising that a couple of messages from an affected user can attach 10 pictures to the incident and a meaningful screenshot in a third email will be simply ignored. And just imagine how many copies of the organization logo are kept in the Microsoft Service Manager database!

Yes, you are right. Now SCUtils Email Connector can filter these pictures. The absolute majority of those nice pictures have a quite small size. SCUtils Email Connector v1.9 has an option to filter all images embedded in the body of the email message with a length smaller than a predefined value. This rule is not applied to the attached graphic files of any size. That is simple.

Another new feature of SCUtils Email Connector v1.9 is an ability to find any work item with alphanumeric or numeric IDs like IR154237 or INRGOV998546 or 84562 (sometimes activities get IDs without a prefix in some circumstances). This feature can be useful for those who change the prefixes for work items for reasons or operate several prefixes simultaneously. For example, if you change a prefix for Service Requests, Microsoft System Center Exchange Connector will not be able to find SRs with the old prefix. Another example, you might have a third-party application that creates incidents with a different prefix.

Please visit us to get more information and download a trial version of SCUtils Email Connector for Microsoft System Center Service Manager 2012.

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