Monster of SCOM level team-ups arriving at MMS this year!

Last year at the Midwest Management Summit was a blast! I had a chance to co-present with my friend Bob, hang out with a lot of great System Center folks and in general just geek out (for my thoughts on last year’s conference check this out). This year’s session list is looking awesome and I realized this morning how many top level SCOM team-ups are scheduled for this year!

Some of the SCOM and OMS focused sessions I’m interested are listed below: (alphabetical order)

There are too many others to list them all here but if you want a full list of Operations Manager focused sessions see this link: (I’m currently counting 17 of them!)

For a full list of OMS focused sessions see this link: (I’m currently counting 9 of them!)

If you are planning on attending MMS this year I look forward to seeing you there. If you want to sign up, check it out at:

3 thoughts on “Monster of SCOM level team-ups arriving at MMS this year!

  1. Cameron Fuller Post author

    Hey Wilson, the sessions are not recorded and are only available at the summit itself. If there are specific sessions that you think would be especially interesting and others agree we could potentially do a re-present via the SCU Network if there is enough interesting in the specific topic. Let me know!


  2. Wilson W.

    Hey Cameron thanks for responding….I would have to say that from your session list there I am interested in all of them, heheh. But most specifically the ones that are focused on leveraging and extending OMS would be of the most interest to me personally.

    OMS is still such a new product and as a SCOM admin I am trying to figure out how to best leverage it as an extension of my SCOM monitoring. So the sessions that deal with real-world implementations of OMS and how to extend OMS are ones that I would be interested in.

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