Monitoring GlobalScape FTP services with OpsMgr

We have a requirement to provide monitoring for FTP services that are provided by a product called GlobalScape FTP server. There were several different approaches that I considered here to monitor this via OpsMgr so here were the results:

Since it was FTP I would not have done due diligence unless I tried to use the Microsoft IIS Management pack. I installed this and verified that it does not provide monitoring for 3rd party FTP services (logically enough) so this was not a viable option to provide monitoring for this configuration. The IIS management pack does provide monitoring for Microsoft FTP services (as shown below):


My next thought was to try to use a web monitor as an ftp site can be browsed in a web browser via To test this I created a web application monitor for (the wizard would not accept the option) into a new management pack, and then I exported the management pack, edited it to change the http to ftp and then re-imported it. My hope was that I could change it to test the ftp configuration this way but what I found was that it did not work to monitor the ftp web site it caused a series of errors on the watcher node so I deleted the new management pack.

So I decided to try a couple of different approaches combined. The first involved the creation of a TCP port monitor to watch the system on port 21 (the FTP port). This worked like a champ as shown below:


To supplement the port monitor I added a service monitor to watch the “GlobalSCAPE Secure FTP Server” service. This monitored the availability of the service which worked well to compliment the TCP port monitor which was created and is shown below:


Summary: Want to monitor a GlobalScape FTP server with OpsMgr out of the box functionality? Try a TCP port monitor on port 21 and add a Service Monitor for the “GlobalSCAPE Secure FTP Server” service!

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