MMS 2012 Technology Survey (thoughts on cloud, management and virtualization)

A few weeks ago we posted a survey in response to a suggestion in the community that interest in private cloud was not a topic of interest in the System Center community (which sounded completely crazy to me). With the survey response now maxed out, the results are shown here.

In terms of interest by technology, not surprisingly ConfigMgr, OpsMgr and Orchestrator top the list in terms of interest. Private cloud finished respectably, showing up on the interest list of nearly 1 in 2 respondents (45%).



While VMware is still the leader, clearly Hyper-V is gaining a lot of ground in recent months.



Only 1 in 3 are primarily responsible for management of the virtualization layer, a testament to the management focus of MMS attendees.



People clearly see the value in MMS as a conference. One third report they will be paying for some or all of their trip….quite an investment.



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