• Hi, does anyone know if SC2016 Orchestrator can receive and process SNMP traps.

    I want to write a runbook to receive SNMP traps from a application and convert them in SCOM alerts. Raise/Clear etc.

    However I […]

  • Hi, looking for a SQL query to give me all the attributes for a window server as it appears in the Windows Computer List view in SCOM. I know I can get this using scom cmdlets but need it to be a SQL query. Cheers

  • phak replied to the topic SCOM Reporting questions in the forum Operations Manager4 1 year ago

    How about using PowerBI to have your most served data in an interactive web session. This can then be controlled at the PowerBI level for access and it is fully customisable.

  • Is it possible through registry or WMI to find the version and Patch level of Operations Manager Agent. The reason I need to write a package in SCCM to update my manually installed agents to a higher CU level or install CU updates to non patched agents.

    I know I can do this in SCOM but I need to create a SCCM package for this activity.

  • Hi,

    You could only monitor the servers using the OpsLogix feee PING management pack.
    Add these servers to a new group and disable all the necessary discoveries you do not want – time consuming but gives the greatest flexibility.

  • There is a large problem with this management pack in our environment. It continually performs a defrag analysis and I cannot understand in the XML how to turn it off. Any ideas?