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    About Us
    Dalian Liyang technology company, the parent company of Dalian sansheng precision machinery co.,LTD. precision machinery, founded in March 2010, mainly focuses on the development and production of non-standard automation. Relying on the business philosophy of integrity and the quality service, the company’s business scope extends to the mold processing industry.
    In December 2015, Liyang company set up Sansheng precision machinery. Dalian Sansheng precision machinery mainly in computers, cell phones and car industry. Dalian Sansheng precision machinery concentrates on mold or parts of the cars designing, processing and manufacturing of non-standard automation.
    Processing equipment includes shadike slow-moving wire, discharge processing machine, machining center, five-axis precision engraving machine, precision hand surface grinding machine, precision large surface grinding machine, digital display milling machine, wire cutting machine tool and so on.
    As a bright pearl in China’s precision mould manufacturing industry, today’s Sansheng is marching toward its ambitious goal.
    Sansheng precision machinery now has precision parts processing market place, and in September 2016, by the humanized management, good faith cooperation, the high quality quick service and competitive price. It has obtained the ISO9001:2008 certification. There are more than 50 employees, including 5 designers, 40 technicians, 5 inspectors and 5 managers.

    Our Sevrvice
    Before sales, we provide you with timely and reasonable quotation , and we can provide you with drawing services。
    On sales,we have a strong technical team to provide quality technical services, to ensure that you produce the best quality products.
    After sales, customers receive products within 15 days of quality tracking. within 30 days of normal use, if the product has quality problems, we will make it for you free of charge.China The Material GO4 Of Wire Cutting Parts