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    Established a ten-year partnership with one of the most successful teams in the Grand Prix

    For the past 50 years, if there is a brand that has been synonymous with innovation in the Grand Prix world, and this has always been the pinnacle of the sport, it is McLaren. It is renowned for its uninterrupted technological innovation and the diligent pursuit of details to win the success of the game, which fully complies with Richard Mille’s philosophy. The two brands are also passionate about modern technology, cutting-edge design and precision engineering. This is why Richard Mille and McLaren signed a ten-year partnership.

    “ The opportunity to work with McLaren is particularly timely: we have been evaluating Formula 1 on a limited basis for many years, but this opportunity allows us to participate in a more in-depth and meaningful way and be targeted Concentrate on the energy and focus on the main team. “Richard

    For Richard Mille, the association is so shocking because he still clearly remembers that as early as 1981, McLaren (McLaren) was the first to introduce all carbon fiber cemented carbide Manufacturer of Formula One. This technology will revolutionize the sport. After many years, the brand was able to adopt the same technical solution for the base plate-carbon nanofiber structure.

    McLaren’s only mission is to win the Grand Prix and World Championships. In order to achieve this goal, technicians need to continuously design, manufacture and operate Formula One racing cars with a competitive level. In short, it requires concentration, ambition, imagination, dedication and micro-attention to detail-excellence. This dedication to technology and design has led the RM brand and McLaren Racing to seek common development.

    The first result of their cooperation was RM 50-03 in 2017. The University of Manchester collaborated with Richard Mille and McLaren F1 to create the world’s lightest mechanical chronograph by combining leading graphene research with precision engineering.

    Richard Mille ’s engineers will create increasingly sophisticated, innovative and well-designed cutting-edge designs, and this teamwork will continue to push the limits of advanced timepieces.