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  • First of all I installed a brand new windows server 2016 and promoted it to a DC. My second server will be a Database server, I always install a separate SQL server dedicated for System Center. Since I don’t h […]

  • Since Windows Server 2016 has a slightly different setup for the roles and services (application role no longer available). I have rewritten the script from Kevin Green to quickly install SCOM 2016 prerequisites. […]

  • This is just a quick post on an update on the SCOM health check reports V3. Several people asked for a 2012 version, since there were references to newer packs the pack needed to be updated. ( or downgraded to be […]

  • One of the things with Azure to me is the lack of overview. I know you can click endlessly trough the interface to look at stuff. But that’s not my thing. It needs to be quick and fast without the hassle of the n […]

  • Back in the days when I started working with MOM 2005 (Microsoft Operations Manager 2005) I was hired to work with MOM 2005 daily as a MOM Administrator. I was responsible for monitoring and therefore my […]

    • I’m having an issue of multiple personalities.  I have a customer server that we monitor.  I’d love to grab information from SCOM’s class instance to determine agent state (.IsAvailable), then based on that, issue stop/start service to the server.

      The problem I’m having is that of credentials.  I need one set for the SCOM query and another for the Server commands.  Is there a way to trick SCOM into looking at itself before running the command remotely with the correct credentials in both cases?

      It’s not specifically a task I’m asking about, but the mechanism is similar and this article is fantastic!  I’m attempting to run a gray agent self remediation as a timed command rule.  Is there a convoluted solution I could implement that would accomplish this from different spots in SCOM?  I’ll keep digging, but thought I’d ask in case anyone had already dealt with this question.

    • For Reference, here’s the two pieces of the one liner:

      On the SCOM side, we need the class instance’s IsAvailable attribute and verify against that and the server name

      $hs = “healthservice”; $MS = “scom-server.domain.com”; $cn = “$env:COMPUTERNAME.$env:USERDNSDOMAIN”;  Get-SCClass -ComputerName $MS -name “Microsoft.Windows.Server.Computer” | Get-SCOMClassInstance -ComputerName $MS | Where-Object{ ($_.IsAvailable -eq $false) -and ($_.displayName -eq $cn) }

      Then the results need to be sent to the remote machine to stop/start the healthservice, note the pipe preceding… it should take any objects from the previous and pass them through if they exist, or not act if they don’t.

      | ForEach-Object {stop-service -ComputerName $cn -Name $hs; $(get-service -ComputerName $cn -Name $hs).WaitForStatus(“Stopped”); start-service -ComputerName $cn -Name $hs; $(get-service -ComputerName $cn -Name $hs).WaitForStatus(“Running”) }


      I have a standalone version of this script that takes a get-credentials and uses an invoke-command to handle the service restart… but My personal creds work to grab the SCOM info and the entered creds work to do the remote bits.

  • It has been a while since we looked at updating the famous health check reports once posted on SCC based on a series of OpsMgr hygiene written by Pete Zerger.


    Pete and I had planned to update this […]

    • Thanks for the report fellas. Noticed all the reports are targeting System.entity and not 100% sure why but it does mean all of the reports are displayed and cluttering the console. Any chance you could tweak to tidy it up as most of the reports on not context based as might take me ten years to update 🙂

    • Thanks!!

    • Oskar,

      My OperationsManagerDW has 6 datafiles and each ones has a limit to 50gb to write data. When the limit is exceed, the data is written to another datafile. This was a policy that the DBAs has created and don´t know if it is the Microsoft best practice. When I perform a database state report, it shows me only 3 datafiles and report me that I have less than 9% free space. Does this report have a limit to show datafiles?



    • This is a great piece of work!

      Excellent reports, however I have to agree with Bruce here. the reports is cluttering up the console with all the reports appering on all instances in the console.

      any simple way to exclude these reports from the “Report Tasks” using  permissions in Reporting Services?




    • Hi,
      i have a Problem with one Report. When i try to run the Report ‘Health Check Report – Monitors – State Data Not Groomed’ i get the following error : ‘Query execution faild for Dataset ‘HealthServiceRunas”.
      Does someone have a hint for me?
      Brgds, Jan

    • Hi,
      i have a Problem with one Report. When i try to run the Report ‘Health Check Report – Monitors – State Data Not Groomed’ i get the following error : ‘Query execution failed for Dataset ‘HealthServiceRunas”.
      Does someone have a hint for me?
      Brgds, Jan

    • this can work on SCOM 2007 r2 ?

  • I have been working with OpsMgr for some time and know something about Management Pack development. Recently I had a project where SCOM needed to be configured for WAP usage connecting to SPF and SCOM to finally […]

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  • Oskar Landman changed their profile picture 4 years ago

  • Before going into details, this version is NOT upgradable from V1. Sorry for this, simply redesign of the class structure is something I needed to do to prepare this pack for more sophisticated monitoring. And yes […]

    • Hi Oskar

      Thank you for that wonderful mgmt pack and good overview.

      Unfortuantely I’m having hard time to get this pack working. More precisely I did the installation of this pack, but it doesn’t collect any of the data.

      The pack installation went well, but I didn’t find most of the mgmt packs what was in your prerequisites list. Do you have some guess why I didn’t find most of the packs? I guess this might be the reason why the pack doesn’t work or collect any of the data.


      Thanks in Advance!


    • I’ll add the screenshot also – Here

    • Hey Oskar, thanks for the wonderful MP!

      Everything works like a charm except the discovery for the plan and subscription. I’ve enabled this for the admin auth site but no discoveries are made. I’ve looked into the event logs of the monitoring agents, wap, management server, nothing special to see.

      Our environment is a full blown wap environment with SCVMM MP installed.

      Any advice?

  • This is a project which have been lying around for a long time and never got to write the end result. Since I got a new surface 3 pro, decided it is always a nice time to clean you up when starting on a new […]

    • Hi Oskar

      Firstly thanks for the solution!

      A few questions:

      Will this work in SCSM 2016?

      Is there anyway you can specify the time as well as date?



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    Since a while Microsoft has been pushing update rollups by using windows update. This post is a strong recommendation to Microsoft to STOP using the windows update mechanism or provide a decent way to check the […]

  • ThumbnailI have been working with OpsMgr for some time and know something about Management Pack development. Recently I had a project where SCOM needed to be configured for WAP usage connecting to SPF and SCOM to finally […]

      Sorry I had to yell that.
      I have been asking and digging for over a year to be able to use scom to monitor the actual wap content. Say, customer websites! Not just the resource providers, although that is obviously important.
      THanks for this, I can’t wait to run upstairs and get this imported.


    • My excitement has ben quashed 🙁
      I can’t import due to dependency issues. Are there any other specific dependencies if I am able to import the original WAP MP?

    • We have full WAP installation in production, but as well we install only the SMA features with the admin portal in several environments for running workflows.

      The MP discovers that there is no tenant and tenant api site installed. I have tried to change the registry keys used for the discovery, but still somehow the unit monitors keep alerting about the non existing sites.

      Any sugestion how to work around this?

  • ThumbnailWhen you install the SCVMM management pack it requires a service account or runas ccount with SCVMM admin permissions to be setup in SCOM. Once you configure this account it is set to Less Secure. Which actually […]

  • Sebastian,

    did you read the manual for importing the management pack?

    You need to create a custom datasource to connect to the Operational Database.

    The datasource should be named ‘OperationalDataBaseMain’.

    After creating the datasource the management pack should import without any problems.


  • About Orchestrator and Self service for Maintenance mode.
    Please take a look at the Orchestrator Integration pack I wrote to fulfill this:

    Self Service Portal to set maintenance mode. – http://www.authoringfriday.com/2013/02/03/system-center-2012extended-oipmaintenance-mode-power-self-service-portal-2/

    Introduction to the integration pack -…[Read more]

  • Just to add

    I have written the Extended OIP and the reason why you cannot schedule it directly in SCOM is simply because there is no intelligence on the start method within the OpsMgr code / SDK. So yes this is […]

  • ThumbnailThis is really the last post in this series! Although there are many more components to be discovered the main purpose of these series to understand the changes and where they are coming from.
    Part 1 – System […]

  • The version 2 of the MP contains 27 Reports!!! Which are required to run on the Datawarehouse or the Operational Database. There is documentation accompanied how to set up the solution and import the MP.
    Please […]

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