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  • Yes and no 🙂

    However have 2 environments that actively do monitoring.

    the one on top (3rd) would be some kind of management server where only the alerts are passed through on. these alerts are from the 2 monitored environments.

    I’ve already taken a look at connected management groups however the pass all trough.

    Another nice thing would be…[Read more]

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    up to SCOM2016

  • Because the complex environment (Development, Test, Hotfix, Education, Production)
    I’m wondering if it is possible to split up our future SCOM2016 environment.

    For example, TEST_SCOM2016 with our Dev and Test. A PROD_SCOM can have
    Hotfix, Education and Production. But because even TEST_SCOM2016 alerts are
    important, I must have some way to pass…[Read more]

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