Influencers_access_meet_grow5 The objective of the Management Pack Extension Contest was to challenge community members to create management packs that add new capabilities to existing management packs found in the System Center Pack Catalog. Creating a management pack can itself be quite challenging, often involving many hours of effort to deliver a functional, well-tested and well-documented result. But we have to say (and our judges agreed) our contestants really delivered some high quality examples of how to extend off-the-shelf functionality of packs in the System Center Pack Catalog, making a great product like Operations Manager 2007 even better.

We’ll take a look at each of the entries at some depth in the coming days, but the time has come to announce our winners! Our international panel of management pack authoring experts have evaluated and ranked each of the entries in five different areas designed to measure the overall quality of each management pack.

And at last, here are our winners…

Our Winners

Our Grand Prize Winner, who will receive a Visa gift card for $500 USD, is Raphael Burri, the creator of the SQL Server DB Mirroring MP, which extends the SQL Server management pack to discover and monitor SQL database mirroring.

The First Runner Up, who will receive a  Visa gift card for $400 US, is Andreas “Tenchuu” Zuckerhut, author of the Event Rules with Flooding Prevention MP, which demonstrates a technique that can be used to prevent a flood of events to a Windows Event Log collected by an event collection rule from causing the RMS to crash. This technique could in theory be used to enhance virtually any management pack in the catalog!

The Second Runner Up, who will receive a  Visa gift card for $275, is OpsMgr MVP Cameron Fuller the author of the Scheduled Resolution Update MP, which provides scheduled rules to auto-close or to change the resolution state based upon a periodic basis. These rules are designed to run daily, hourly, or weekly and to auto-close all alerts which have not been updated in the last hour, day, or all alerts which match the name specified.

Below are the top 5 finishers amongst the management pack extensions entered into the contest….We’ll have a look at all the entries in the next few days. You can have a look at them in the contest category of Community Management Pack Catalog (HERE) and you can view the many dozens of community authored MPs here at SCC in the full Community Management Pack Catalog.



The contest has truly been a “community” effort and we have lots of people to thank:

  • Thanks again to everyone who spent the hours needed to create, test and document their entries for the contest! 
  • Thanks to David Allen, Kris Bash, Oskar Landman and Stefan Koell for agreeing to lend their expertise as judges!
  • Special thanks to Microsoft and the System Center Influencers program for sponsoring the contest!
  • And thanks to founding Gold Sponsor Quest Software for their support since we officially launched the site 1 year ago this month!


We’ll be announcing a contest in conjunction with the System Center Virtual User Group later this year, so stay tuned!

0 thoughts on “MANAGEMENT PACK EXTENSION CONTEST – The Results are IN!

  1. Andreas Zuckerhut

    Thanks for the great opportunity with this contest. I’m proud of making it to the 2nd place and what I could learn from the feedback I got through the scoring and also from the other contestants and their entries.

    I actually had mixed thoughts on my odds there, especially after seeing that my MP was downloaded 5 times (is the counter broken?) while the others seemed to be way more famous.

    But here I am, second place, YAY!

    Congratulations to Raphael, you really deserved to win the first prize. Your entry was outstanding in every way!

    Congratulations to Cameron and kudos to the other contestants!

  2. Pete Zerger

    Counter is right, but I think you’re pack is bit less mainstream and demonstrates a concept that’s going to be interesting mostly to more seasoned MP authors. I actually have some feedback from a couple of the judges I will send you.

    And do not be discouraged, as it’s really great quality work you did. Some of my best work has gone relatively unnoticed for months (or forever). It’s hard to predict what’s going to be really popular.

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