Live Maps Unity: Manage mobile devices with PowerShell

One of the features in Live Maps Unity is a mobile-device app that receives notifications when something goes wrong with a business service or a member of a Live Maps Unity view. The user of the app can choose to receive notifications for what services or Live Maps views they want to monitor. It would be great if you could manage this from your computer for all of your Live Maps Unity users. At the moment, this is not possible with a console, but it is possible using PowerShell. In this blog article, I’m going to explain how you can do this.

Useful Tasks

I think the following tasks could be beneficial.

1. Remove mobile devices from SCOM.

A mobile device may not be used for the company anymore, but it is still in the database and maybe the notifications services are still sending notifications to that device. In that case, it is useful to remove that device from SCOM.

2. List what Live Maps Unity Views the mobile users are interested in.

This way you can check if the users are getting notifications for the correct Live Maps Unity services and views.

3. Enable or disable notification for specific mobile devices.

You could automatically enable or disable notifications, for example, based on a work schedule. This way your employees only get notifications when they are on duty.

4. Add or remove Live Maps Unity services and views from the favorites list.

By adding or removing Live Maps Unity services and views from the favorites list of a mobile device, you can control what Live Maps Unity services and views that specific user gets notifications from.

With the above tasks, you can control the usage of the Live Maps App from your computer.

Because we need notification targets from one of the notification service providers, it is not possible to add a new mobile device to SCOM using PowerShell. This can only be done by the Live Maps Unity App from the mobile device itself.

How can we implement these tasks with PowerShell?

I have created a framework script that takes care of making connection to SCOM and the initializing of the Live Maps Unity data layer.

There are several scripts that you need to follow in order to manage your mobile devices with PowerShell. If you would like to obtain the scripts then click on the image below, which will take you to the complete blog post:


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