Live Maps v8 – What is new? Part I

Live Maps v8 – What is new? Part I

Savision is about to release a new version of its flagship solution Live Maps. This new and improved version contains a number of powerful and cutting-edge features. In this and in our next blog article, I am going to describe some of the highlights that will be added to Live Maps.

Enhancements to our HTML5 based web portal

First of all, we have enhanced the new HTML5 based web portal. This new web portal replaces the old web console for our Enterprise customers. The new web portal is not only using the latest technologies, but we also added new features; for example, you can now attach notes to services.

Read-only Dashboards

We also improved the way that content from Live Maps can be shared with others. In addition, we made it easy to integrate Live Maps and System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) data in company web portals or SharePoint. Through Read-only dashboards, you can share dashboards with other users in the organization, even if they do not have any access to SCOM.  We created a URL generator that can generate a direct URL based on user defined settings. We encrypt the credentials in the URL. This is what makes it possible to share Live Maps content with people that normally don’t have access to SCOM. Because this URL will make sure the content will run in a restricted session, the creator of the URL can choose what the user of the URL may and may not do.

Service Notes

The Service Notes feature provides a way for Live Maps users to create notes for any of their Live Maps business services and communicate updates about services to other users in the organization. This feature can be used for a lot of different scenarios. For example, Service Notes can point out that a service outage is already being worked on, what the estimated amount of downtime will be or who to contact if there is an outage.





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