Live Maps v8: New Out-of-Box Services part 1

Live Maps v8: New Out-of-Box Services part 1

Live Maps enables you to visualize and understand the availability of your business-critical services. With Live Maps you are able to model your key business services and immediately see valuable information about their health and performance. Although many of our customers have custom applications and services that they need to model, many of them also use the same key Microsoft applications, for example: Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Active Directory and Microsoft SharePoint.

In previous versions of Live Maps, we already provided a collection of out-of-box services on those applications to help make it easier to manage your current infrastructure. Since then, we have been providing out-of-box support for many of these business-critical and commonly used applications through management packs that are quick and simple to import. These easily deployable service models leverage the knowledge of your IT and application experts and allow them to visualize the health of your applications in an intuitive and yet detailed manner. To date, we have released several including but not limited to the following:

And continuing with this practice we have added 6 more, including:

  • Exchange 2010
  • System Center Configuration Manager 2012
  • Skype for Business 2015

As with all of the out-of-box services, the goal is to provide a simple way to setup a service map for each application. To add these services, simply select discover service and select the service desired as shown below:

Discover Service Wizard

And with just a few mouse clicks you have your new service up and running.

Out of the box service – Exchange 2010

For example if you discover the Exchange 2010 service you will get a complete service providing a Service Map similar to the one below highlighting End User, Application and Infrastructure components as well as providing SLA monitoring.

Service Map - Exchange 2013

Out-of-box service – System Center Configuration Manager 2012

Like the Exchange service, this service gives you a look at the health state of Configuration Manager in a nice Service Map with drill downs for all major components such as the site server, the management points, distribution points, and software update points.

Would you like to read more about the remaining features and what they could mean to your business services? Click here to read the rest of the blog post and try Live Maps for free!


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